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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Michael Dunn, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I'm reading the Fly Rod Building Made Easy book and gathering what I need to get started on my first project. One question I have is regarding the best glue to use for the tip-top. The author says either Ferr-L-Lite or 5 minute epoxy. The idea being that if you have to replace a tip-top those particular glues make it easier to remove although the author likes the ferrule cement better because he doesn't believe the epoxy is really that easy to remove.
    So what are you folks doing? Thanks.
  2. Well, right after I posted this question I did a search and found all sorts of info.
    I shoulda known!
  3. Michael,
    I don't like using 5 minute epoxy because it seems to break down in water. Try coating a section of old rod blank with some. Then dunk it in water for a few minutes. Usually you can easily scrape it off with your finger nail.

    I've always used the same epoxy that I use to glue handles and reel seats.

  4. All I ever used is hot glue sticks...never have a problem.

  5. I use ferrule cement for ease of application and replacement.

    Epoxy can be difficult to remove. Rather than melting the glue, you alternate heat and ice to break the chemical bond. Tricky, and easy to damage the blank.

  6. how often are you guys replacing rod tips anyways?
  7. I've always had a problem getting the tip top to stick if I use hot-melt glue. Then I was told by a pro that if you use a piece of 600 grit black sand paper to rough up the last 1/2 " of the rod blank, the hot-melt or 2 part epoxy will stick a lot better. If you ever need to remove the tip top, heat will do the job. I tried it and it worked for me.
    Best of Luck,

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