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  1. I haven't tried them, but am considering doing so . . . saves main leader length when replacing tippets & might be easier for my old eyes to see; sometimes threading thru the center of a blood knot can take some time for this old geezer.
  2. In addition to the advantages already listed - it is really easy to tie a side dropper or a 2nd dry fly off the tippet ring & keeps both flies floating free of each other (both dries & nymphs) vs having to tie off the end or eye of a hook. The only downside is cost & that some are so tiny that it's like tying on a size 20 or smaller fly...
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  3. Not to worry they are legal in 'fly only water.' Reason being they're so light they actually float. No weight added. Normal size that's used in fresh water fishing is the 2mm and it's really tiny. I know you can get a 3mm but I've yet to see one in use.
  4. Not really. Once you put the TR on the end of your regular leader (Furled or otherwise) it stays put. The only thing that gets changed out is your added tippet beyond that point. And that's one of the advantages of the things is your main leader stays the same length even if you change tippet material.
  5. I just might have to invest in some of these things. It might make it easier to tie up a two fly set up.

    What do you all recommend for some old eyes. The round ones or the oval ones.
  6. Go with the oval ones,they are worth the price when adding a Tippett in low light conditions for use by advanced age folks who use reading glasses.
  7. Hey young man. My glasses are tri-focals. I need then to read among other things.
  8. I have the 2mm and the 3mm. For a dropper fly the 3mm would work better. I don't think oval or round matters, but I'd try to get them already threaded onto a swivel...the rings made by Climax came on a swivel. It's easy to thread leader material through the ring if somethings' holding it.

    I've got some that are anodized black, and others silver. Probably doesn't make any difference. If I ever have to order any more I'd just stick with 3mm.

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