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  1. Just returned from MT and doing a little guide duty with my brother and great nephew. Loose elastics that allow lines to hang all over the place is annoying. I'm looking at buying either the "Shark-tooth" or these to replace the tippet tenders that come with RIO spools. Anyone use these or have other suggestions? Thanks
    tippet spool tender.jpg
  2. I have some of the shark-tooth ones and like them.
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  3. Save a few bucks and make your own...
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  4. Buy Orvis tippet spools. They have an effective tippet tender.

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  5. Small bungee and two beer caps with holes punched through and a clasp or stop like the ones on most jackets draw strings.
  6. Go to Walmart and pick up some Elastic band, beads, shrink wrap, and super glue. Should be able to whip out more than you will ever need in an evening.
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  7. In looking at the construction of those in the photo, I thought about DIY, but wondered if I would just spend all the savings on the learning curve. Anyone know if the shark-tooth cutter (plastic piece w/razor) are sold separately... if I go the DIY, might as well go all out.

    Ben -- I just searched YouTube for a DIY video on how to make these... nothing found... you could be first (hint, hint) :).
  8. The wide rubber bands off bundles of asparagus work for me. I have my former bride, my daughter, and the neighbors save them for me.
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  9. Hair bands. Make sure thye don't have the metal on them though...

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  10. No wonder the economy is in a down turn, people have quit foolishly spending money on flyfishing gizmos.
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  11. I'm not that obsessed with my tippet material. The spools all goes in a vest pocket and if some of them unravels, so be it. Whatever unravels is picked first for use. This is a warning to the other tippet so they make an effort to hide out on their spools.

    The intimidation tender system...:)
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  12. I have some of the ones you showed in your post. I like them and I even use some on my larger monofilament spools.

    I know in one of the fishing forums someone described how they made their own tippet tenders. If I can find that information, I will let you know.

  13. You Brute!
  14. Ponytail elastic bands. 10 for $1 at just about any store - get the wider ones, and it will cover the whole spool.
  15. I like the tippet spools from Sci Ang. They have that little tab on the back to stick your leader in and then cut it off. No tangled mess and no need for a rubber band around the spool. Plus the tippet spools all click together.
  16. Very cool, thanks Ben!
  17. I like that (and it gives me another project!). Thanks for posting the link.
  18. An even better video tutorial of tippet tenders.

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  19. That's great Ben. Thanks!

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