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  1. Well said Kaari...we are guides and right now it's 24 degrees outside and not a lot of folks want to stand in a pocket of river with ice on it. We are seasonal and 3 months out of the year...there is very little work. Average it out, and you might be able to eek out a living. In today's world, so much emphasis is based on "how many" not on "how was the overall experience". It's sad to see that there are still those people that base their tips, trips and experience on "how big/many". For us it's about the outdoor quality of life, the beautiful brown trout, the awesome steelie, and the dance of the eagles high above. It's about the big horn ram, or the goslings, or sometimes just the beautiful day in front of us. [​IMG] Dang, I could go on forever, but what I do know is that I traded this[​IMG] for [​IMG]

    If a waitress or waiter, loves his/her job, then it shows and people want to tip...more than that they want to return (especially if the food is good) which exactly is what makes or break our business. It's up to the individual, but think about the experience, we have no control over the weather, water temperature, water levels, hatch or no hatch, and especially the way the client wants to follow the guides advice.

    Tip or no tip, it's all about the quality of life.

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  2. You ever see those signs at restaurants that say "tipping" is not a city in china.

    I've always wondered about that, I mean doesn't there have to be a city or town or some geographic location in China called Tipping. Or Ti-Ping?

    I used to guide in AK. Tipping is not to be expected, it is to be appreciated. It sounds like a few guides who've responded here that they expect a tip are probably wondering during the whole trip about what kind of tip they're going to get. If true, that's pathetic.

  3. Thanks Rick iagree
  4. IMHO there are several kinds of guides. The guide who wants to teach you something or is willing to do so if you ask, who doesn't watch the clock (gets out early and stays out late), who doesn't require that you buy unnecessary patterns at "HIS" local shop, who doesn't try to belittle or bully his clients, who provides a nice lunch and a comfortable boat deserves a nice tip, regardless of the quality of the bite that day. You know the other kind and they don't deserve s**t, least of all a rebooking.
  5. One of the few posts on this thread that makes a bit of 'sense.' Want to fish the Rogue? You're all in with me (send me a PM:thumb:).

  6. kudos and props to centraloregonian. seriously, you sound like an honorable dude and a guy I could fish with.

  7. Well if any of you end up in the central oregon area let me know....I'm sure we could find some good fishing.....

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