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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by miyawaki, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Ooops...guess I missed one of the "choir" boys.

    FIXED :cool:
  2. Ya just got draped with nutts:) I'll keep ya updated
  3. That ain't all your missing. But I must admit your post about the fear of a targeted smolt fishery in Puget Sound was absolutely fucking hilarious. And it is a perfect example of what happens when you reach too far when trying to argue about something you possess little knowledge of.

    But, at some point the humor fades as one realizes that you are here for the arguing and not for some self professed concern for the fish or fishery on the Skagit.

    In the coming years while I am enjoying a fruitful and well regulated C&R fishery on the Skagit I will surely think back to these times of exchanging comments with those who are against it, and wish to not avail themselves of a wonderful opportunity...but probably not more than two or three times.

    Adios amigo!
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  4. This thread is a perfect example of why this country is going to collapse.

  5. ? Why is that?
  6. Then move to somewhere else! I hear India is great this time if year... Or Canada! :-o
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  7. Iran has some great coffee
  8. Open debate and differing opinions is healthy.
  9. Isn't this thread sidetracked enough? I'm looking forward to the group demonstration March 29th. I will be there because this ID the home waters of friends and they have convinced me this is the right place to be that day. I hope the WDFW takes note of the event.
  10. They might have an extra Boeing 777 too.
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  11. Yes it is... and why I choose not to use the ignore function just because I don't like opposing views. Even more important is having forum staff that can moderate the forum in a position neutral manner -- regardless of their personal positions.
  12. Look forward to meeting you, the pizza at annies is a good time
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  13. I think this is just what the two amigos want. The only tool they have is distraction. They have nothing to convince anyone to support the dribble they push in their comments.
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  14. Open debate is one thing, enduring your nauseating posts doesn't rise to that level for many. You can either continue to believe others aren't willing to debate you, or look at yourself for the reasons why. You might consider the latter.

    + many
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  15. No choir boys here,they are on a different forum
  16. You seem to contradict yourself... now qualifying what you consider open debate. It's pretty clear this forum has some very polarized points of view. I can deal with that and, like everyone else, have opinions about varying topics as it relates to hatchery vs. wild, C&R, etc. If people with opposing views makes you nauseated, clear harmony is but a mouse click away.
  17. Still blaming the choir for not understanding your viewpoint? Always harder to look at one's self. Not unexpected coming from FSA.
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  18. Hey, Freestoneangler, Finluver, you guys coming to Olympia? Perhaps we could get some contributions together to help pay your way. I think if you two could make it to Olympia in April for the WDFW commissioner's meeting and tell the commissioners what you post up on this board you guys could do more to further Occupy Skagit's cause than any other two individuals here.
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  19. Yah, come on Freestoneangler I would like to meet you. Don't really care if I meet finluver or not, but I'm serious, I'd like to attach a face to your posts.
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  20. They might be the same guy....
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