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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by miyawaki, Mar 14, 2014.

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    FinLuver said:
    Picture this...

    "You're in your 20's sittin' at the bar, "makin' time" with the ladies. Out of nowhere, you catch a "hook" to the jaw!! The moment is lost and so are the ladies... you may never recover.
    That sound like what happens to the inferior breeders , the wilds never stop trying.. case in point check out Max dales on a friday nite!!!!


    Excellent summation...then we should have nothing to fear with hatchery fish interactions; the wilds always get the girls. After all, we all know that hatchery fish are "inferior". By all means, pound the hell out of all the hatchery fish all you want...leave the wild fish alone to expand their populations.
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    Considering your initial post in this thread you've made it abundantly obvious that you don't know what you're talking about, and haven't learned a thing in four pages.

    The subject, in case you've forgotten, is about re-instating a CNR fishery on a healthy population of wild steelhead. Occupy Skagit knows there are harvestable wild steelhead in many years, and that there have been directed harvests in many of the past 37 years, but OS is not seeking any directed harvest of wild steelhead, but is willing to accept the limited mortality associated with CNR fishing. Skagit wild steelhead management has consistently achieved conservation objectives since 1977, and we want to keep it that way. Why do you have a problem with that?

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  3. Jim B Flyfishin' and homebrewin'....priorities ?

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    Leland....setting aside all the arguing above, I love your photo of the bow interior of John Farrar's boat on the Skagit! I've been a passenger in that boat many times in March and April over 20+ years...great memories....thanks!
    Jim B.
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    Gee, that's awfully great of them... just to fulfill one's selfish need to catch a fish... an endangered one at that.
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    Skagit steelhead are not endangered. They aren't listed as such and I don't think you could find a credible human who would say that they are. Christ, the Skagit got back over 8,000 fish last year. That's more than the Bulkley gets some years. The Bulkley!

    Facts matter.

    Go Sox,
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    True enough... they (or at least PS populations) are currently designated as threatened. Also good are those numbers. If they hold stable and/or reverse the trend line, that would be the point to discuss merits of C&R. We don't know what we don't know about all the dynamics that affect their world. I know many disagree with me on this, but I'd rather err on the side of the fish...there are other fisheries available.
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    FSA - we fished over a majority of those fishes parents in 2009 - I asked you this before
    So you give us total run size numbers to allow a CnR fishery on the Skagit in 2020, with your philosophy of don't catch them and let them build - 2020 would be 10 years of no angler influence on them
    2006 - 7046
    2007 - 4703
    2008 - 5189
    2009 - 2629 - last year of a managed CnR fishery
    2010 - 4113
    2011 - 5655
    2012 - 6100
    2013 - 8600
    2014 -
    2015 -
    2016 -
    2017 -
    2018 -
    2020 - FSA has now allowed a CnR fishery on the Skagit River - your vision
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    I'm not sure I get what you mean F/A, are you saying if Puget sound #'s hold steady or reverse then we can talk C&R, or are you talking Skagit #'s ?
    One of the things O/S is after is basin by basin management, instead of managing P/S as one unit.
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    Are Freestone Angler and Finluver the same person? Soulmates? Long lost twins separated at birth. What the heck is the meaning behind their meassages. I do not see the logic in their posts or approach.
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    I swung flies w/ a 2hander on the south fork snoqualmie the other day.

    Please open the skagit. This is depressing.
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    It appears the WFF SPAM Scrubber could follow his own advice and take a bath. ;)
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    I think they just like to shit in the swimming pool.

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    An "expert" on the subject from Mill City, OR...Thank you for your comment. :D
  14. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    What is your background? What makes you an expert on these matters? Curious...
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    All salmon fishing in Puget Sound is done over ESA listed fish. Some of those ESA fish are from rivers or streams that number less than 100 total fish. CLOSE IT DOWN!!!
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    Boy..."that" flew over someone's head...
  17. FinLuver Active Member

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    AGREE...PT...now your talkin'. :)
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    Dude, that's nothing. I actually tied up some bass style Intruders recently. I haven't actually gone after any ditch pickles yet, but I 'm close. A few weekends ago in Feb. I was on the Schwartzmiller property off the Pilchuck helping plant trees. The water was primo. I almost died. Last weekend I was up on the Sauk where the HS kids with my wife have adopted the Suiattle launch for cleanup. I would have almost died again except the river was punched and that made me feel a little better.
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    Haha yea the Pilchuck does look sweet. I think its closed for the entire year tho.

    Wish I was chasing steelhead on the skagit and not these 6 inch fish on the south fork
  20. PT Physhicist

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    That's why we have agencies working with each other to provide opportunity while limiting impact. Same with OS. I'd prefer that than some internet experts deciding what is best for all. People working with the various agencies to discuss opportunity rather than some knee jerk internet posters using opinion as fact.