Tips for Mexico fishin? Best guide? Shore fishin? Any help

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Msl78, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I'm headed to riveria Maya the 11th of June. I've seen over and over that if ive never fished the flats to hire a guide. Now I've been to Mexico and seems everyone is a well as a lawyer,tattoo artist,pimp ,drug dealer and beach jewelry salesman. I wanna make sure I don't pay a off duty resort housekeeping employee that claims he's a guide. So anyone have any recommendations for a great guide?
    Also I'm bringing a 6,8&10 wt rod with as well as an arsenal of salt flys. Is there anywhere near riveria Maya that's not hrs of a drive away that I can just shore fish and get some decent fishing?
    Any help is great an any fly patterns that work great in salt would help me on my first attempt. Thanks again
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    Not sure where you're going to be in the riviera maya, but do you have either Cozumel or Isla Holbox on your itinerary? There's good bone fishing on the north end of Cozumel (a boat / guide is necessary to get there - but it's easy catching and I could look up the guide's info), and Holbox has a variety of fisheries (and awesome whaleshark snorkeling in case you're into that). Let me know if you'd like more details. --Rob
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    You can catch the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel and hook up with a guide that will meet you at the dock. Pretty cool flats with spooky fish. Carlos Vega was the outfitter I used and you can find him there or online probably before you go. You can hook up with Pesca Maya and they can pick you up at your hotel and take you toward Punta Allen and you will see permit as well down there. As far as the DIY thing the only place I've had success is all the way down south at Xcalak and I would still book with a guide there as well. If you want to go that far, PM me & I'll send you some more info on some places we stay and who we fish with. Good Luck!!! I love the flats sightfishing!
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    Contact Fishing international 707-542-4242. They know that place like the back of there hand.

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    Not sure where you're at on the Riviera Maya. I used to go to Akumal with Family and friends. Unfortunately all the bays in Akumal are protected from any fishing.
    I'd take the rental car down south of Tulum to the Boca Paila bridge. There is an extremely, easy to wade, huge sand flat by the bridge. Bonefish and permit cruise all over these flats. The water is extremely shallow and the fish will spook if you throw weighted flies in the real skinny water. Unweighted Tan or pink Charlie type flies cast well before the fish arrive will give most success. Tan or white crabs with light wt for permit. The edges of the flats are a little deeper and you can go to the more normal weighted versions. If it's calm enuf and not too windy, you can fish on the outside, off the beach for bones, permit, snook, jacks, cuda. If the outside is calm enuf, you will virtually have miles and miles of beach fishing. Waves and wind can mess it up though. I've done well enuf to have never paid for a guide.
    Good luck!!