Tips on Tying Small Flies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Chef, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Darryl Martin also has an excellent book "tying micro-flies", which has some great tips and suggestions.
  2. Some of the guys over this part of the world, that tie the small stuff, split the Sheer 14/0 and use that as a tying thread!

    Over 22 is a mission with me minces (mince pies - eyes) these days.


  3. Then tell them I have some UNI-Caenis 20 Den....LOL Thin stuff that there. Hair is thicker than this stuff.
  4. Doubt that - well at least mine!


  5. Laughing my ARSE off now!!!!
  6. This is sort of funny. I just got started in this and for me and my sausage fingers, a 12 is my limit as to how small I can get so far. I am thinking about tying steelhead and salmon only now. Maybe I will invest in saltwater gear. I love tying especially while I am down but I might have to reconsider chasing trout in little creeks with my hand tied stuff. lol
  7. Wallly bear some times that's the way it is but every now and then go back and try one or two small flies and you should start to find that some will be easier than they used to be.

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