Today @ Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ron McNeal, Sep 26, 2013.

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    Water is down about a foot from Spring levels and, as a result, getting out is a bit of a muddy slog from the northern-most launch. Water temp @ about 64. Eight to ten guys on the water. Winds are manageable, but trying at times. Very few fish @ the surface. One stomach sample showed lots of blood worms & calibeatis nymphs. Except for a very few damsels, saw no bugs at all. I'm not the most accomplished bobberino, but have had some great success here in the past with Ira's brilliant blood worm pattern - not this trip........ Had lots of hits on a leech & an Olive Willie, but only brought four 8-9" bows to the net. Others (not all) did better than I did, but there was not much hooping & hollering @ Dry Falls. Even with my meager production, I just love fish'n here. Weather's been just about perfect...... Tomorrow, it's off to Chopaka. Life's good!!!
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    Ron, I'm glad to hear you are getting out and enjoying your retirement. Keep up the good work!

    I haven't been getting out much lately but today I did make the 11 minute drive down to the river and spent a couple of hours there chasing rainbows. I was rewarded with one 19" native that had me in the backing on one run! A hot fish in big water.

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    How deep did you fish? Last year at about the same time troutpocket and I found a lot of fish in the 20' zone at points. Now I tell you!
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    I was one of the several guys out on this last Thursday at Dry Falls. Ron I may have spoke to you, were ypu in the yellow pontoon boat? I was in the red Renegade. Any way, I was with 2 other guys, we caught ours on a blood worm , black leech, and a small skud looking,hairs ear pattern my partner ties, some old pattern starting with the name Franklin. We all fished full sink lines. I saw several adult damsels, no rises for them and no damsel nymphs. no water boatman in site either. Average fish caught were 16 - 20" including a nice staulky 20" brown.
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    "Staulky"? That's a new one for this DF guy.