Today I felt like I was in a GAT cartoon...

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  1. Over the past few days I have rediscovered how much fun top water bass fishing can be (even in Washington...). With the elevated temps there had been a lot of good action this week and I have been spending 2 hours at dawn and another 2 at dusk getting my fill o' bass fishin. Up to today I had been doing pretty well averaging 10 or 12 fish per couple hours, most of them small and none of them special. All in all pretty normal until this evening...

    It all started innocently enough as I carried my float tube down to the lake, said hi to my neighbor as she finished up feeding the ducks, put on my fins, and kicked out into the lake. I headed to a near group of lily pads, got the rod strung up and got ready to fish.

    Now to this point I did not notice I had a group of about 7 juvenile ducks following me, or at least hadn't though about it. But as I let the first cast fly, and the popper hit the water, and the ducks raced to the fly it crossed my mind how much a deer hair popper looks like a piece of bread....just as the duck hit the fly I realized what he was doing and tried to jerk it out of its way, but it was pretty much the equivalent of setting the hook. Fighting a duck on a 5wt wasn't happening so I had to hand-line him in. A couple minutes later with both of our egos bruised (and thankful it was a barbless hook) I let the duck free.

    At this point you would imagine the ducks would stop following me...but you would be wrong. I tried swatting at them with the fly rod, splashing them with water, and yelling but the only way I could get rid of them was taking them near a guy trolling for trout. Luckily they began following him (I felt kind of bad about it later...).

    Finally free of the ducks I began fishing, and did OK. I caught a couple of fish here and there but the colder temps had put them down a little. As I worked my way around I heard a huge commotion as a bunch of crows went crazy, I imagined they were attacking the eagle that haunts the area and ignored them. But as I got closer to the area I could see they were all in a tree squawking at the water, so I went over to investigate.

    It appeared a young crow had fallen into the water (on some lilypads) and was splashing around, it wasnt that small but it must not of been strong enough to fly. Having learned my lesson about going near a baby crow when the group is around in a previous adventure I steered clear and continued fishing. A couple minutes later I heard what sounded like a canon ball hitting the water and the crows went silent. I quickly rushed over and sure enough that baby crow was gone, there are a lot of things that could of eaten that crow such as an otter or something, but since I am telling the story I am going with it was the monster bass of legend that steals trout off stringers, eats ducklings, and now crows.

    Now as if the day couldnt get any stranger as I was heading in and quickly fishing the pads on the way (it was dark and the bats had just come out), a hatch happened and trout started rising all around me. Since it had already been a strange day I figured why not throw the popper at them? and sure enough... a little 12" stocker took it, a strange day indeed and that post was way longer than I intended!

    Caught the strangers grand slam ever LMB, Rainbow, Mallard all on a popper. True Story.
  2. Maybe longer than you intended, but it was certainly worth reading! Thanks for telling the story.
  3. Great story! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us ;)
  4. Great trip report.
  5. Some guys have all the luck.
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  6. The lucky guy in this story was the guy in the raft with his girlfriend and son laughing his ass off as I tried to release a duck, by the time that I was splashing them trying to get them to go away (i have no idea why I was splashing them, they are already wet...) he was laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall out of the boat.
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  7. It's a shame you did not have a GoPro on you at the time, this would have been video gold!
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  8. Great story!
  9. A well told and entertaining tale. Thanks!
  10. Yeah. Likely pilloried by PETA.
  11. Hilarious :D I've had my own run-ins with our feathered friends.
  12. Funny story. Reminds me of one time a baby Canada goose decided I was his mommy and he followed me all over the small lake I was fishing. The little guy was all of 5" long and I could not kick fast enough in my float tube to outrun him.
  13. Great story! makes lake fishing sound like fun!...Lol....

  14. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Great story Kcahill, one of Wadinboot proportions.
  16. I know that feeling all too well. Hooked a sea bird (no idea what it was) while jigging a needle fish lure 40 feet underwater while fishing for rock fish. Those things put up quite the fight.

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  17. Love these stories. Many years ago I watched a pelican steal a puffer fish from the bank that was still attached to the hook and rod while the poor fisherman was retriveing his pliers. Funniest thing I ever saw.. The rod was hanging 10 ft below the pelican for about 100 yds until the line broke.
  18. My take away is that a VERY large black popper will catch monster bass!

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