Today on the Yak in Cle

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  1. IMG_4005_12.JPG Weather was great,water was high,fishing was slower than joe biden,but in the last twenty minutes of daylight my buddy found this with a Pat's Stone,
  2. Awesome!!! Beautiful fish!!!
  3. On second inspection that looks a hell of a lot like a Yak steelhead due to the lack of any spots below the lateral line.
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  4. It was 26".
  5. i was about to say, looks like a steelhead. whatever it is, nice fish!
  6. ok 26", thats either hog johnson of the yak, or more likely a steelhead.
  7. Suspicion confirmed :). Very cool.
  8. Hell of a fish!
  9. Took about 10-12 minutes to get it in.Went on some very wild runs & did some fantastic acrobatics.I was about 25 yards up stream when I saw my buddy engaged in something that might need assistance.One of those great deals where you get almost as much rush from the assist as you would if you had hooked it your self.
  10. Best advised to take a bigger net this time of year! :)
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  11. Real panic moment when the fish came into view and I realized my net was not going to cut it.Finally just went for the scoop and he folded into the net with some overflow.I think if he had fought at all when netted he would have skated.
  12. What a great way to end your day on the river! That gorgeous fish will quickly dismiss the sore lip, romance ahead.
  13. Looks like it might be a male kelt. Live male kelts are rare. Spawned a time or two, maybe looking for another hen?

    Certainly a memorable catch while trouting.
    Nice fish, congrats!
  14. :)
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  15. Jumpinjimaneez! That fish is probably hoping the next guy has a bigger net :)
  16. how do you figure its a kelt? Its early march and all I see is a buck in full spawning colors. Also looks pretty healthy at this point, not any of the typically black/gray paleness and slim appearance of one. Also Ive never heard of a kelt fighting like he explained.
    Way to go man!
  17. I was going to make a comment about a net with 8" opening making a 14" fish look like a steelhead.....but sarcasm rarely goes over well. :p
    Seriously though, great fish!
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  18. Nice fish! Pats Stone is a great yearround fly.
  19. nice fish and great story, bet I know what your buddy is going to tell his co-workers tommorrow, or the guys at the fly shop he frequents
  20. Steelhead on the Yak near Cle Elum? How is this possible?

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