Today's Goose Hunt

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  1. Yesterday I found some geese working a nearby field. After securing permission from the farmer to hunt, I went home and started preparing for this morning's hunt. Since there is a lot of snow on the ground I decided to pull my Marsh Rat, loaded with decoys and equipment and use it for my blind. I arrived at 6:15 and only had a half mile walk to the "X". Surely I would be ready by shooting time. Not so, the weather has warmed up and the snow was soft. Not as easy pulling the loaded Marsh Rat as I had envisioned. At 8:10 sharp I was ready to hunt! I was glad that the geese slept in. At 8:30 I was wondering if they had changed their minds about using this field again. Then I heard a distant honk and I knew they were on the way. I could see the line of geese quickly approaching. No messing around, they swung and a couple dropped into the decoys. I dropped one and missed the next two shots. I went on an 0-14 streak as flock after flock tried to land in the dekes. I never had to use my call at all. By 9:30 it appeared that I was only going to have to pack one goose out. I moved a few decoys and repositioned my blind for a better shot if another group came in. About 10:30 I was really feeling the effects of the trip in. I started resting peacefully and then an alarm clock went off. HERONK! I opened my eyes to the sight of seven Canadas two hundred yards out. I gave my lander flag a quick shake and they swung and dropped into the decoys. The first bird dropped and I managed to kill another on my second shot. Things were looking up, 10:55 and three birds on the ground. Around noon I was dozing again and I heard another honk. This time four birds were approaching, I honked once and I waved my flag. they were dropping in. I picked out a bird and was about to pull the trigger when two of the other birds crossed in front of the one I was drawing a bead on. I hesitated and got my fourth bird. The geese weighed 12 10, 9 and 8 1/2 lbs. Unfortunately it took me two and ahalf hours to pack everything out. A good day in the field with mild weather and geese that were just dying to get shot. SS
    PS. My wife laughed at my decoys when she saw them loaded in the Marsh Rat, she said they looked funny. I don't get it!
  2. It looks as though you had a mighty fine morning, congratulations.
  3. So envious!!! Still too warm here in Colorado :(
  4. Only those who have packed big goose decoys that far know the value of geese well earned. I imagine sleep came quickly that night. Great report.
  5. Excellent . . . now that's what I call a multi-purpose boat!

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