Tofino Kayak Fish Out Aug.25-27

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by tinpusher, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. tinpusher

    tinpusher Member

    Any yak fishers out there? I am also a member of a Kayak fishing forum and we are having a fishout in Tofino this year. Basecamp is the Green Point campsite just south of Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island. The kayak fishing forum is for all types of anglers but the majority appear to be gear chuckers. It would be nice to have a few other flyfishers come and join me in a search for SRC and maybe even a few Coho.
  2. wolverine

    wolverine Member

    Which forum? I've yakked Tofino a couple of times for salmon. Usually trolling plug cuts along the kelp lines, but have picked up a few coho trolling flies.
  3. tinpusher

    tinpusher Member

    Go to and look under Regional Forums-Pacific Northwest.
  4. davew

    davew Member

    As luck would have it, I'll be in Tofino that week and was planning to bring my Chesapeake 17 along. Please keep me in the loop.
  5. tinpusher

    tinpusher Member

    Sounds good DaveW, I will keep in touch.
  6. Charapa

    Charapa New Member

    more like kayaker-fisher-to-be (ws160), too little time flexibility right now....maybe in a year I'll join in, please keep me in the loop. Thanks
  7. Tom Arroll

    Tom Arroll Member

    Hey Tinpusher,

    I am very interested in joining you, Tofino is one of my favorite places for kayaking and fishing. I am also a member of KFS forum but I have not checked the NW forum for a while so I did not catch your post. My wife is pregnant and due in September so I can't commit at this time. I will have to ask her this evening "Honey when is this baby thing supposed to happen? Oh, well is it OK if I take off to Tofino while you writhe in labor pain? Yes? That's why I married you because you let me go fishing no mater what". If I think it it will happen! Anyway maybe I can make it.

  8. polepole

    polepole New Member

    If you all want to get to Vancouver Island sooner, a few of us are heading to Sombrio Beach, a few miles from Port Renfrew, from April 21-24. Any interest here? I can post more details if there is.

  9. Tom Arroll

    Tom Arroll Member

    Hi Allen,

    Sean Pitcher mentioned this trip to me some time back. I would love to join you folks but I am heading to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific April 19th to do some kayaking and fishingptyd .Let me know if you have any trips planned for later this summer.

  10. polepole

    polepole New Member


    We'll be having trips regularly throughout the summer. Hope to see you soon on one of them. I'll also be doing local trips and even before and after work trips in Seattle if you want to join sometime.