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  1. So I took a walk on the Tolt today and saw a boatload of people fishing. 3/4 were fly fishing and the others were spinning and chucking. Though I live in the area I don't fish the Tolt because I hear it's really only has some small steelhead smolts. Am I missing something, what are these folks fishing for?
  2. From my experience, the people you see fishing around the area of town typically have no idea what they're fishing for.
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  3. I totally agree and that is why I am dumbfounded a bit. The funny part is that I never see people fish it, then all the sudden people are all over it.

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  4. There's a fair number of resident cutthroat and rainbows. It's certainly not just smolt.
  5. It's not just smolt or juvenile anadromous fish but that's by far the majority of the catch below the forks. Better to leave those little guys alone and target trout above barriers where you can be confident you're not messing with juvenile anadromous fish. IMHO
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  6. I've explored that area and its not worth your time. A few SRC, steelhead, and salmon do move up there but there are better places to catch those species. I hear the upper river has pretty darn good fishing for small resident trout but access is cryptic.

  7. My thoughts too.

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  8. Yeah I have been looking into getting up there to check out the river at the fork and see the water reservoir. It does not seem to access hardly at all.
  9. My best use of the lower Tolt is to walk along the bank and listen to the water running, on a quiet day.

    Best fish elsewhere.
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  10. Yeah, I also got skunked there. Someplace around here there is a picture of me fishing the Tolt. I was sitting in a lawn chair, relaxing, casting my fly into a hole.
  11. There is a fly shop in Carnation that specializes in spey fishing. I stopped in one day to say howdy and see what he had to offer. Nice
    Fellow and a pleasant chat. He suggested that the Tolt was best fished higher up. He was not pleased with the C&R restriction on that section, however.
  12. I like to go way up the Tolt-- it's close enough to take my son for a quick session, small enough that he can feel like he's really casting his line out there, and the section I like to take him to is shallow and slow enough that I don't have to worry about him so much. The trout are tiny, but to a little kid they put up a great fight--how bad can a river be if you can get a kid to hook up? And after 90 minutes or so when he wants to go home, we can swing into town and grab dinner. Makes for a fun summer night. It's not ideal fishing for me, but it sure beats Xbox.
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  13. Access to the upper parts of the Tolt system are via a Hancock pass. It's private land.
  14. Aaron is a good egg. He'll loan you gear if you know him. I tied up 100 Bloodworm's for him once. Now that was a chore.
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  15. Just don't tell him that you know me. He'll probably throw you out.
  16. Hahaha. I don't tell anybody that I know you, Jim.

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