Tom Morgan's "Unity With The Universe" Rod

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  1. Here is quite possibly the Dalai Lama of glass fly rods - the creme de la creme - at least if you believe the seller's description. Who is the seller? None other than Tom Morgan, ex-Winston owner and guru. Any guesses what this will fetch?

    By the way, the listing is legit as verified by a few who know Tom Morgan personally and are active on the Fiberglass Fly Rodders forum. Tom had also posted about this rod a few years ago on FFR and said in that very long and detailed post that both he and Per Brandin (!) both think it is the best rod ever made of any material. He was trying to emulate that rod in one model of a new series of glass rods he's been trying to develop for a few years. I think I need a second mortgage.
  2. That'll be a fun auction to watch! Here's a hypothetical question for ya'll....
    Pretend that money is no object and you won the rod. Would you fish it?
  3. My "hypothetical answer" bet I'd fish it!
    Remember, for me, that's only once or twice a year now under present circumstances.
  4. Lugan is so hard to take seriously with that avatar.
    I do not own, and hope to never own, any fishing rods/reels that I'm afraid to fish. I realize that some of mine are not warranty covered and damage/repairs could be problematic. All things considered I'll take care of them but fish them whenever the rare chance I get out on the water. (Much less rare than Mark from So.Cal, but not frequent enough for my liking).
  5. Yet another ironic post from you, Ed!
  6. Reading the description, that is the problem NO ONE FISHED IT! TM built it to do just that, I would absolutely honor that.
    I am betting $1,500. but if the Asian market gets in on this $2,000. easy.
  7. I know, but I really do resemble my avatar...and yours scares the shit out of me. That is a cool rod and I wonder where that auction will end. I hope whomever gets it actually fishes it and posts a trip report and rod review.
  8. Come on, she's the right person to lead the greatest nation on earth during its most complex and challenging period for half a centuy. Plus, vapid ignorance is a badge of honor these days.

    OK....shake that thought off...back to the fly rod: I think $3,000. There have been some Russ Peaks going for that price in the past, and this rod must be right up there in that class.
  9. More about this rod is buried here in Tom Morgan's long description of fiberglass rods. This is fascinating reading. Tom Morgan is a national treasure.

  10. This gave me my chuckle for the day.:rofl:
  11. Tom Morgan will soon be selling the blank for the Unity With the Universe rod in a different color.
  12. Is this the same AG from the Winston Board??????
  13. i just talked with Tom Morgan on the phone this afternoon. what a great guy! as many of you know, Kerry Burkheimer is rolling Tom's blanks and they will be reproducing the the 7wt "unity with the universe" rod and Tom's streamer special, which is his 8'3" 6wt. Tom told me both blanks are rolled on the same mandrels and are what he calls "progressive", which he defined as flexing evenly throughout the length of the blank. he said the rods are plenty powerful, with the butt section being about 1/2" in outside diameter. boy am i excited that this master will be making some more of his rods available!
  14. Finished at $2025. Which one of you suckers bought it? Although now you've got me thinking about getting one of the repro blanks (like I need a 7wt glass rod for anything)

  15. Okay, so I was $25. off....LOL
  16. The new (Tom Morgan Fiberglass) blanks will come in a variety of sizes (not just the Unity-with-the-universe-reproduction) They sure are nice. I can buy an argument for graphite in the bonefish context (long long on-the-money casts when it's windy, for instance). But in the trout-fishing context I think fiberglass makes a better rod. And as a bonus, they're a lot more long term durable too. I've been lucky enough to cast all of Tom's new fiberglass blanks during the past four or more years of development. And they sure are sweet. I predict they will change the entire industry.

  17. Is there a choice of E and or S glass offered? I am looking at Scotts, but can sure change my mind in a minute on this.
  18. I think Morgan's glass rods are E glass. Check his website to validate (& nice historical piece on Winston too) at
  19. Tom's rods are only E-Glass.

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