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  1. james.jimenez

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    Here are a few more flies... more to come over the weekend... Tonights additions are the "seining" soft hackles and a blood worm... 1510561_10202234602300978_155027019_n.jpg 1520752_10202234602580985_1697983529_n.jpg 1380041_10202234783585510_422266790_n.jpg
  2. Michael v.d.Bogert

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    Hey James a very productive evening you had!
    Like the bloodworm. What size is it? Never tied one but gonna try..
  3. james.jimenez

    james.jimenez Active Member

    The hook is a UMPQUA U202 SIZE 8. The material is similar to ribbing material made by "Larva Lace" or "Hairline".. I think the jewelers use it to make stretchy bracelets or something of the sort. I also put a coat of UV resin on it and then a thin coat of "Halley Hansen Hard as Nails".