FS Tons of Fly Tying Materials, Some Equipment

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by riverdog, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. A ton of fly tying materials, Norvice, other vices, tools, etc. Many years of accumulation of classic and modern fly tying materials.

    Also a few rods: Sage, Orvis, Cortland, and Cabelas; Reels include older Sage with spare spools, Lamson, Orvis CFO, and others. Lots of high quality trout, steelhead, and bass flies.

    I'm helping some friends clear out an estate with all of these things. They will be selling it off on Saturday afternoon in the Olympia area.

    PM me for specifics.


  2. Why not put the specifics here?
  3. I wish I had more specifics to provide--I walked through the fly-tying shop, and the garage where the fly fishing gear was stored. The rods and reels are pretty standard fare. There is a nice Sage RPL 10' 8 weight; a 2 piece 5 weight Sage DS and an unmarked rod that I believe is a 4 piece RPL, but it has no label. There's a 3 weight Orvis Superfine, and a multi-piece Orvis Trident 5 weight. The 8-weight is priced at $200, and the rest are $100 or below.

    As for the reels, the nicest is an Orvis CFO. It's well-used with nicks and scratches. It looks like a 5/6 to me. The Sage is an older model--I believe in the 105 or 106 series, with a spare spool. The Lamson is an older model as well--I believe a Lamson USA3 or 5 model, with a spare spool. There are several others, like Okuma, Martin, and other standard fare reels. I don't think there is a reel priced at any more than $75.00.

    At this point, the plan is not to offer each individual item for sale--there's just too much to list, and to ship individually. The owners will have an open house-style sale at the location.

    PM me for the contact phone number to arrange to look at these items if you are interested. If they go up for individual sale, then I will be able to post more info and photos.

    Thanks again,

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  4. PM sent
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