Took a page from OMJ's book

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Some time ago, he posted that he had ordered a fly box from Allen
    Fly Fishing, one of the forum's sponsors. Well, it arrived today and
    I will say that I am impressed. I ordered the fly box and some hooks.
    Both look to be first class products.

    Always good to support the sponsors.

    Thanks for the heads up, Jim.
  2. Thought you were going to say you went to the river, tried to cast a two fly rig, got a birdsnest and then laid on the rock bank moaning like a wounded animal until you passed out.
  3. Well, I cudda have done that. But I wasn't in Duvall yesterday.
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  4. Bite me Mumbles.
  5. Careful Mumbles.. He could gum you back!
  6. Yup, us old guys might just have snags fer teef, but we gots mouth bugs and breath that could kill ya....
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  7. When I get up in the morning. The first thing I have to do is brush my teef. Lots of nasty's in there.
  8. "Took a page from OMJ's book".

    Who took the other one?

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  9. I used it to wipe my ass.
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  10. Then nobody wanted it.
  11. H ahhahhha ha hahahah! You guys are killing me!:D:D
  12. I'd hate to be in a room with the old men of this site. I'd probably come in last.

  13. Umm...doing what?
  14. Telling lies. What else would one do?

    Do you realize how fast and large those fish can grow over time?
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  15. I too like their boxes and hooks. The boxes are the right size and not too big and not too small

    I had to quote Ed's post as it's worthy of a "double like".
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