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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by SeanM, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. I've been looking at various options for putting "wheels" on my pontoon boat for moving it around on land.

    I happened upon this and it looks like it might work if I set up right on my pontoon frame (right behind the seat).


    anyone try something like this? It seems like a pretty economical solution.
  2. Looks interesting.... Let me know if you get one. David
  3. If the wheels are as small as they look, then it would work on asphalt, but I think you have trouble at Lenice and especially Nunally. I have a 12" wheel, and at times wish I had a bicycle wheel.

  4. iagree

    With Wayne's response. Anything but hard asphalt or concrete and your looking at trouble.
  5. Wayne and BDD - you guys have a good point.

    what did you buy/make for your pontoons? Do you happen to have pictures?
  6. Rick - I saw that exact same wheel and since I have a water skeeter - it seemed pretty logical to get - but two things held me back...

    One is that for the earlier models the hole that wheel featured in cabelas needs does not exist on my frame.
    This means I have to drill a hole - which can be done, but not something I want to do if I can get away with it.

    The other thing about this wheel is that it is fixed - meaning its great for lakes but would easily be ruined the first time I hit the Yakima River with it.

    So it looks like I'm still in a tough place finding a good solution...
  7. Don't go for those phoney small wheel transports, use a bike wheel & tire. If you've got a tubular frame like SouthFork or most 'toons real easy to make. Works great for places like Lenice. Go to a bike shop, get a split head goose neck and it should clamp to your frame, front fork set up with tire and you're in business.
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. Looks like I might be going down the bicycle wheel route.

    btw- have you guys found a way to make it easily detachable?
  9. Goose neck stays on the frame, wheel and fork assembly just slips out and leave it on shore or take it on your toon.
  10. Intoodeep:
    Nice set-up, I like your ideas. I've found my NFO wheel set-up is worth the $, easy to set up & I remove it in the water, usually. Only flaw is the bicycle-style wheel is too skinny for rough (soft terrain). Sand or soft dirt will cause it to sink when I add a 55# AGM battery, trolling motor, rods, anchor tackle, etc. Noticed one of your pictures (5th)showed a tire that appeared to be smaller & fatter than the bicycle tire set-up you detail. What size tire is it?
  11. That is a hand dolly wheel with the bearing in the hub. It is wider but does not roll as well as the mountain bike wheel across tree roots and such. I can swap the wheels but overall the mountain bike wheel is better since I don't have 100 pounds of extra stuff. Maybe try a wheelbarrow wheel?
  12. That was my thought, something with pneumatic, for sure. tree roots, rocks are not a problem, just need more surface area or flotation in the soft stuff.
  13. I have a 9' Scadden pontoon that weighs about 75#. I bought the wheel from Kauffman's to attach to the boat and it works well. I got stuck in the wind on Nunally with broken oar right and had to cover a lot of desert with the boat. It was a b%#*ch. About halfway back, I left the boat and carried the back basket I attach with the anchors and my fly rods. When I got back to the boat, I was amazed at how much easier it was to push through the soft stuff. It makes me think about bringing a back pack to carry some stuff and unweight the boat......

  14. that looks a good option - you aren't kidding though - it is spendy. It makes me wonder why the 'toon manufacturers don't just make something similar.
  15. I use a wheel barrow. So far no one has decided to steal the wheel barrow from me while I was on the lake fishing. Go figure, no one wants to work, and leaves the tools for manual labor alone. :cool:

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