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  1. Just floated 7 days down the John day, and I manage to get moisture/water inside my bladders. I imagine this can cause problems in the long run. Any suggestions on drying the water? (I've left them out all night with the valves open, still no difference.) Thanks.
  2. Ken,

    Mine got some water in the bladder also and the same with my dads. Its not pooling up but looks more like condensation. The only way in is through the valve. I also thought maybe it was our pumps that might of had a little water inside.:confused: . We have the toons sitting in the sun with the bladders hanging out right now, I will tell you how that works in a couple of hours.:beer2:
  3. Moisture is supposed to get in and out of your bladder, shouldn't cause you problems in the long run. Get your prostate checked if you're having problems getting it out...and if you got more than one bladder see Dr. Ibble Balpeen, Urologist. ;)

    Seriously though, maybe some water vapor went into the toons when you inflated them and then condensed when they cooled on the river or at night. I don't know what your valve is like but some of the rafts you can unscrew the entire valve to give a big drainage hole. Then use a vacuum of some sort to get the most out, chances are a little water will make no difference. UV light will probably screw up your bladders faster than a little water vapor.

    Doc Boot
  4. Ken II,

    Sorry, don't have the answers to your water removal but I am curious how your float was. My bro-in-law and I did the JD last week (Twinkenham to Clarno) and let's just say I'm counting the days until next year's trip. :thumb:

    I assume 7 days was Clarno to Cottonwood?? How was that section and how about the Clarno rapids in a toon?

    I used almost only poppers and lost track of the # but most were 10-12", my bro-in-law fished conventional bass gear and picked up a few bigger fish but our #'s were about the same. How was your success and what method did you use?

    It was 105 on the day we launched, how did you keep your :beer1: cold??? I'm going to have to come up with additional deck space for more coolers or find someone with a supply boat. By night 2, our drinks had no ice ptyd

    My JD trip next year will definitely have more days on it, what a fun river!!!!

  5. Sss,

    I was also with Ken among three others floating the river for seven day’s. The 2nd through the 8th of July.

    We floated from Service Creek to East Clarno but have done the clarno to Cottonwood (to many miles for seven days of fishing).

    I’ve been through the Clarno rapids in a 13ft self bailer raft and no problem but never in a toon, it would be easier in at toon because of maneuverability in my opinion anyways. Lots of rocks to miss.

    Fishing was ok the first day, we used mostly poppers to catch as many as we could but to little success because of the river still clearing up from a recent rain.

    The second day was better still using mostly poppers and some streamers.

    The third day was Horrible, We awoke to a chocolate milk river do to so crazy thunder storm that came through. But it was ok since we had to make about 11 miles down river till the next camp, So not much fishing was done, nor much fish wanted to bite anyway.

    Fourth day was still a muddy river with about maybe a foot of visibility but we picked up a good amount on olive streamers.

    Fifth day was much better, about a foot and a half of visibility and we killed them on bead head olive buggers with flash ( anything olive worked).

    Sixth day was awesome couldn’t keep off the line.

    Seventh day was take out day so we made some time, but still were catching mass fish.

    We used dry ice with H2O ice on this trip as an a experiment and with a good cooler your beer or liquor will last five days of opening and closing the cooler but keep in minimal. We didn’t pack enough brews so we ran out big bummer.
  6. try a wet/dry shop vac
  7. Nick,

    Thanks for the feedback. We were there June 27-29. We awoke on the 29th to a steady downpour until noon, that probably mucked up the river for you on the 2nd.

    We covered alot of river in basically 2 full days (day 2 we went 16mi.), I will add more days next year to cut down the miles needed per day.

    Did you guys use flippers with your toons? I found them very helpful controlling the angle of the boat in the frog water.

    At the Clarno take-out, I spoke with guy very familiar with the JD he was headed to Cottonwood. He asked if I had used any brown flies, said it's the only color he uses on the JD. It looks like next year I need to get off the popper-train and experiment a little, but man those things are a blast. I had some amazing takes.

  8. I also really dug fishing a crazy crawdad dead drifted under a inicator. Lots of fun. I also had the same setup on my other rod w/o indicator, fished it with fast strips. The pontoon rode like a caddilac. So much fun!
  9. sss,
    No flippers, but they would have been real nice to have. It was a pain trying to fish and row at the same time. Next time Ill bring them.

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