Top 10 Favorite Steelhead flies

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by gigharborflyfisher, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. My favorit flies I mainly fish are tube flies/rabbit leeches, and marabou string leeches in mainly black and purple. Sometimes Moals.

    My new fun fly that seems to work quite well is a Metal Detector. It doesn't have alot of movement, and I'm not sure what the deal is, but it catches fish. The last fish I caught, I went through with a big marabou string leech and didn't catch anything, went through again with the metal detector, and fish on.
  2. Not necassarly. I would agree for west side winter fish, but there is certianly such thing as too big and nasty for east side and west side summers.

    I don't really have a go to fly. I kind of look in by my box on any given run-- based on the water and light, and pick what feels right at that time.

    If i had to pick one fly though it would probably be a purple peril.
  3. For summer fish, a Skater,with a few traditional following flies if you raise one and he won't come back.

    For winter, I'm kind of with Pan,whatever feels right for the day and water conditions. But I like Intruders, GP's, maribou and bunny type flies.

  4. I fish classics almost exclusively for summer fish. Winter fish however are another creature entirely. I have experimented with pretty spey flies before and honestly I've not had too much success. Given the number of flies I loose I've decided to keep it cheap and dirty. My boxes this year consist mostly of marabous and lead eyed bunny leaches. If I want a larger profile, I will get a 45mm waddington, tie one marabou on the back half, dub the middle of the body and tie another marabou on the front half, sometimes I'll attach some ostrich herl or grizzly hackle for feelers too.

    basically I think of winter steelhead flies as having three variables. size, color and weight (sink rate). Then I just tie every fly I can think of with those combinations. Colors that have been good to me have been orange and red, black and blue and purple and pink. I've also caught fish on purple GPs before so I've got confidence in their mojo too. Hope that helps, good luck in your quest for steelhead, it is tough but the payoff is huge.

  5. iagree with Will Atlas

    I save the pretty flies and classics for Spring/Summer/Fall
  6. Winter I use one of these most of the time:

    Glasso's Orange Heron
    Glasso's Brown Heron
    Glasso's Sol Duc Spey
    Glasso's Polar Shrimp
    McLeod's Skykomish Sunrise (spey version)
    General Practitioner (Orange)
    Ally's Shrimp
    Ally's Shrimp, Purple
    Akroyd Dee (argus wing)
    Avon Dee

    In summer these I use most of the time:

    Purple Peril (bronze mallard wing)
    Ally's Shrimip
    Lady Caroline Spey
    Lady Caroline Low Water
    Old English Iron Blue Dun
    Night Dancer Shrimp (my fly)
    Lemire's Grease Liner, Black
    Lemire's Grease Liner, Burnt Orange
    Arnold's Spade

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