Top water at Lake Tye

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  1. Yesterday I decided to try and fish a small popper for the first time this year. I have never had any luck fishing poppers west Cascades ever, but I actually had a few takes yesterday so I went out this evening. I caught about a dozen small largemouth and 1 larger fish. I missed many larger fish though.
    I was using my TFO half weight and that made it so much more fun catching these smaller fish.
    This was about the average size of the bass I was catching, I was fishing along the weed lines and cattails on the west side of the lake.
    This was a larger fish, around 12 inches, it put up a great fight on the half weight. This fish was bleeding a little on the release though, he was still released strong though.
    I caught the larger fish in really shallow water channels through the grass around the boat launch. It was a great evening and I finally caught my first fish and then some on a popper west of the Cascades. Lake Tye is definitely and underrated for warm water fishing, it's tough to figure but there are some big bass hidden in there.
  2. It's gotta be a bitch to throw poppers on such a light weight rod, but fun playing the fish.
  3. Yeah it's not easy, but once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad
  4. However, some of those small bass will grow to be BIG BASS.

    Never tried to throw a popper with my light rod. Need to try that.
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  5. Great report! I should bring a lighter rod and bass bugs with me the next time I fish the Sky for steelhead, and see if I can find some of these bass.

    Jim B.
  6. It's not to hard if you know where to look

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