Topwater Dry Fly/Emerger Spring Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. NOTICE: For those that can make it---The Face to Face meeting is February 5 at the Tides Tavern--Gig Harbor! 11:00 AM

    Looking for 10-12 tiers that want to put some dry midges or topwater emergers in their box, and see what others have to offer in their “lake patterns” for Puget Sound lakes. The “due date” would be January 31st. I know there are some dry fly guys out there. I’m looking at nothing larger than size 18’s. Any interest? An additional thought is to have a "face to face" swap at the Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor...

    Sign Ups:


    1. Dryflylarry (Larry Cote') CL Emerger- Size 22
    2. Rob Ast- Lachsa Raccoon- Size 20
    3. Scottflycst- Unbelievable (unnamed) Midge Emerger- Size 18
    4. Mark M- No Name Midge
    5. ansas- Rusty Dun Midge-Size 26
    6. Mumbles- CDC Emerger
    7. Ron McNeal- Little Black Fly Midge
    8. Kelvin- Japanese Tenkara Emerger- Samurai Emergers- Size 22
    9. Bob Jones- Mighty Midge
    10. Chef- No Name Midge
    11. triploidjunkie- Zebra Midge
    12. Steriling silver- Jefferson County Emerger
    13. Steve Kokita- Lady McConnell - Size 22
  2. I'm in. I'll tie a Lachsa Raccoon size 20.
  3. That a boy Rob! So far, there doesn't appear to be many "takers". We shall see! I guess others are still in the steelhead mode. I might tie a surface midge that did well at Cady earlier this year.
  4. Larry,
    I've got a sz 18 midge emerger. Somewhat unique.

    Wanna help me come with a name for it!?
  5. You are in Scott!! We'll help you name it!
  6. OK Larry count me in.
  7. OK Mark! You are on the list! Thanks for joining in.
  8. I'm in: planning to get the loupe out and see how small the fingers will work. There are some really tiny hooks around here somewhere.
  9. great Idea Larry I will let you know in a few days if I am in if you are not all full at the Inn

    I have been tying up alot of small 22 24 flies since we talked at the holiday swap
  10. OK. Welcome ansas! Got you on the list! Thanks for joining in.

    Kelvin--- You have a whole month to tie! Let me know, I don't think the Inn will fill up that fast on this one.
  11. Count me in. Not sure of the exact midge pattern but may a CDC midge emerger.
    Got to do a feather inventory first.
  12. Thanks for joining in "steeli"! We'll be looking forward to your flies!

    And Ron McNeal, I know you have a pattern sure to please. It must be "guaranteed" killer!

    Looks like we are getting some good tiers here. Who's next? Sign up! You might have to decide pretty soon Kelvin!
  13. Ok worked it out

    I would love to see this be a face to face
    the Tides makes some pretty awesome fish and chips
    and some tasty items on draft

    We should also stop by the Flyshop there
    Great collection of material
    gear and sound advise for the South Sound

    I am pondering tying a Japanese Tenkara style emerger
  14. OK Kelvin. Got you on board the midge ship! Thanks for joining up. I agree, I think the Tides Tavern would be a fun gig. They make a hell of a clam chowder too for $5 for a bowl I think. And the "new expanded" Gig Harbor Fly Shop is a one minute walk away! Let's see if we can get everyone interested.
  15. Hey DryflyLarry,

    Sounds fun! I tie and fish a lot of midge emergers. I live in Burien, are you meeting the 31st? I think that's a Monday, or would this event be on a weekend? Just wondering before I join you guys. Let me know.---Steve
  16. Steve-

    Good question. For some reason I thought the 31st was on a Friday..... so.....We could up the date to 29th Saturday around 11 AM or.... move it up to the following Saturday the 5th. I'm thinking the 5th, so people feel they have some time. I'm retired so, I forgot what the working world is like..... Any suggestions welcomed!
  17. Face to Face Swap if others are inclined: February 5th---11 AM Gig Harbor- The Tides Tavern ----- Otherwise, flies are DUE on January 31 in person or mailed to me and received hopefully by then so I may pass them on to those that meet "face to face". After the meet, we can invade the new expanded Gig Harbor Fly Shop one block away!!! If you put in the mail, $2 is required for mailing back flies. Thanks Pals! I am open to other dates if need be. Thought I would post this date early enough so you can plan ahead. Oh, one last thing. Sneezing at this Face to Face Swap is not allowed, otherwise this midges will disappear in a flash!
  18. Sorry, but I've got to drop outbawling:. I just learned my work schedule is going to be crazy in January. I'll look for a swap later this winter or maybe just setup another myself. Have fun with this one; hopefully a few pics can be posted after the fly exchanging.:thumb:
  19. Larry,
    I'm glad you changed the date. Now I can make the gathering. The 29th I'm out of town, of course don't go setting a date just for my schedule.
    I hope most others can make the meet as well. It was a great time at the Dec. meet at AATF, it sure helps to bring more "community" to our online community. Thanks for being Swapmiester and organizing a mtg place and time!
  20. Steeli- Sorry you have to drop out. If you change your mind let us know! You will miss a good time at the Tides Tavern and their clam chowder, and the new improved Gig Harbor Fly Shop. See you again in another swap sometime.

    Scott- Glad you can make it! That's great! I think it could prove to be a good time. We'll drag you over to the Gig Harbor Fly Shop as well.

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