Topwater Dry Fly/Emerger Spring Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Everything seems to be going well. I'm doing Van Klinken's Mighty Midge size 18 Peacock Herl and CDC. Damn they're tiny. Got 11 done.
  2. I'm providing a hillbilly version (my own design) inspired by the great RS2. The fly should be very effective cause I'm using a lucky rabbits foot!
  3. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Larry, still room for one more?? Let me know...Steve
    Steve Kokita- I will glady put you in. I hope others read this post. That means we tie one dozen flies each.
  5. Almost there. One more isn't a problem.
  6. Cool! Thanks guys, looking forward to meeting, swapping and BS'n with all! :beer1:
  7. Oh that is total and utter BS...welcome Steve, we've been told this swap is right up your alley. I'll gladly whip up one more. Good call Larry.
  8. Done with the first 15 and ready to go. I'm trying to get done sooner as the last ones I was slow and rushed. I sure need to be tying more. but I want to be out fishing. Summer yet??? I'd go now as long as theres no freezing, we've had enough, that was for the old days.
  9. Half way done.
  10. I'm done.....I'm ready!
  11. Okay! We're off to a killer start with Ansas. He mailed me his size 26 Rusty Dun Midge for all of us. I had to get my magnifying glass out to find them in his package! Very nice Ansas. Sorry you can't make the Face to Face, but we will meet sometime. I would love to see you orchard sometime. I'll keep your business card.
  12. Don't anybody sneeze!!! or we won't have any flies.
  13. I'll tell ya Bob. That's the truth!!! :)
  14. Finished last week, tis a very small secret.
  15. Done, need tagging and mailing.
  16. small hooks + my fat fingures= hard to tie!
  17. Ah shoot Rob, you can't make the face to face in Gig Harbor? Darn. You work too much!
  18. Don't worry too much Chef, this is all in good fun! Do your best you can, fat fingers or no fat fingers!
  19. Ok fellow Midge Tiers. I am planning on "posting photos" of these. I have been experimenting with my camera, and it seems fine that I have been able to produce a fairly decent photo. I will gladly take photos of the flies submitted by you. However, if you would like to take your own closeups and send (email) your favorite to me or bring a CD to the Face to Face, you are welcome. It shouldn't take me long to get these posted however. Just a thought... Some people (I think) don't like the picture of "their" fly taken by someone else and posted. Now I'm going to see how well I can snap a photo of Ansas's #26 midge and see how it turns out!! Mine are about completed.

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