Topwater Dry Fly/Emerger Spring Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Mine are done

    Size 22 Tenkara Style Emerger
  2. Kelvin- Real........... nice!

    Reminder. Everyone, don't forget to provide some "toe-tags" for each fly to identify who tied it when we do the swap.
  3. Larry,
    I'm going to mail you a couple of my flies so you can take pics. I don't have a decent camera to take close ups of small bugs. Can you pm me your address please.
  4. Kelvin, you're intimidating me! :)
  5. I have been practicing on larger hooks. Went to get size 18 hooks. I can hardly see them! :) lol
  6. You will find sizes of hooks vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. And of course you can get light wire, heavy wire, 2x long, 3x long, 1x short, wide gap, etc. It gets a little crazy!
  7. would it make it worse if I told you I tied them all in one evening the day I saw you at the Fly Shop I was buying the material for them?

    I Don't know Scott you tie pretty nice flies
  8. Question for you all.... do you wear glasses or use a magnifier when tying the small flies?
  9. I tie them under a miroscope

    I am currently working on some planton and ameeba patterns as extras for Larry

    I use glasses
  10. I have to wear my glasses when I tie and I have a fold away light that is on and it has a magnifier that I swing down when I need it. I have tied a lot of chironomids and they were all 16s and 18s.
  11. Magnification........the pages of a book are blurry without cheaters........usually tie with a +2.00. Good light helps. My setup has two florescent tying lights over it.
  12. Ah heck! Size 18's are large!!! Ha! Ask ansas! I'm super nearsighted, so I can tie 22's without my glasses, no magnification. No I can't see the hair on a knats ass, but almost! But I'm not a very good tier either.
  13. Chef...Ohh to be young again!

    Magnifying specs, the smaller the fly the higher the magnification.

    That's why I stopped catching small fish!:)
  14. lol. you all crack me up!
  15. Mailed mine today. Should have em by friday.
  16. Great triploidjunkie! We are looking forward to the "eastside" midge secrets! Thanks.
  17. Man I wish I had kept one. Went down to the river after work yesterday, and at least a dozen fish between 17-20 inches were rising steadily. That fly would have been the ticket I think.
  18. Mine will be mailed in the AM
  19. Received Rob Ast's and triploidjunkie's flies this weekend in the mail! Men, these are awesome! I think we are going to have a nice selection of midges for this swap! I am getting antsy to try some of these out. I think some Spring fly fishing is going to prove interesting. I hope the weather warms a bit pretty soon. Thanks you guys for the great great ties! Very nice!
  20. need address please and thank you.

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