Topwater Dry Fly/Emerger Spring Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. mine are done and going out tomorrow. If they smell like Dorito chips... its not my fault. I was hungry! :)
  2. LMAO. Nacho cheese or ranch? I found that fish like the ranch better.
  3. ha..... they were "cool ranch" so now you will catch more fish and be cool at the same time. :)
  4. Checking in here. Reminder: The fly swap due date was/is the 31st for those not attending the Face to Face at the Tides Tavern on Saturday, Feb. 5 at 11 AM. So, those not attending please make sure to get them in the mail to me so I can pass them out at the Tides Tavern (between all the beers that everyone was thinking of buying me). We will then wander over to the Gig Harbor Fly Shop and check out their goods! Or, you are on your own, whatever you prefer. Thanks pals. I'm guessing there will be at least a half dozen of us characters there on Saturday. I haven't taken a poll.

  5. mine are orange
    I had a bag of cheetos next to my bench
  6. mmm... can I eat the cheetos flies?
  7. Hey Kelvin!

    Why don't you bring your Tenkara rod over to the Swap if you are coming to the Face to Face? I didn't get a good look at it the last time I saw you in Monroe. I'm a little more curious now, if you think of it. Maybe others might be interested.
  8. Okay I'm going to mail mine tomorrow I can't make the face to face after I thought I would.. Wanted to get a look at the new shop but I'll make that another time . You all have a great time and Happy fishin. Bob
  9. bob: want me to pick you up?
  10. Chef, I caught my flies from the mail so if you would I would appreciate the ride. I'm liking getting to meet many of the guys from the forum hoping to run into them fishing or going fishing togeather. I've liked the guys at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop from when they were just on line. I'm glad they are hanging in and doing well since I don't have to climb their old stairs now. I'll PM my address and anything else you need okay. thanks very much.
  11. Well Ron, is that a fly rod or a walking stick for old men??
  12. Dry: Bob and I are in and coming to eat a damn good meal! Cant wait.
  13. Great! See you guys there. No sneezing around the midges!
  14. i might be able to. no promises.
  15. Don't use pepper and keep the tags on:)
  16. Received Mumbles CDC Emergers in the mail today. Nice job Ed! They look yummy!
  17. Remember if he's bringing cookies how many can I eat by the time we get there. No promises He said. Allthough I really want to have some good chowder Tight lines and big spoons [soup]. see you all there.
  18. My recipe for the Mighty Midge by Hans van Klinken. Hook tmc 2487 size 18 Thread premium 6/0 black. Body-tail Two fine dun hackle tips. Thorax peacock herl. Wing case and tuft 4 sm natural grey CDC feathers That's it. Don't treat the CDC
  19. View attachment 38554 I was wondering if Chef was going to use a little wool dubbing in his midge....
  20. Yikes! Chef might have more than just flies planned for that little guy!

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