Topwater Dry Fly/Emerger Spring Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Looks like I'll be able to make the face-to-face after all. See you guys there. :thumb:
  2. Good deal Rob! Of course you know you should be out fishing. I think there might be about 9 guys to show up.

    I guess there is also some kind of chocolate thing going on in Gig Harbor according to the fly shop, various shops are passing out "free chocolates" that day around town.
  3. That's okay I have nothing against chocolate, I don't think Chef does ether. Glad you're going to be there Rob. Larry, anything else good we should know? IF not we'll see you there.
  4. chocolate....... yummmmmmmmmm!
  5. I knew there was a reason I keep a book on lamb recipes next to my fly tying desk!
  6. OK. See you all tomorrow (Saturday) at the Tides Tavern at 11 AM thereabouts! I will try to find seating on the left as you come in. You might think of bringing something to keep and carry your assorted midges in. See you all there! What did I forget.....
  7. Toe tags are on, truck is gased up, big spoon in pocket, head filled with lies,...
    Anybody from Shoreline/Seattle want to double up?
  8. Anyone planning on fishing- before or after? Thought I might hit a beach, but haven't looked at tides yet. Doc's, Manchester, dyes inlet, or others are all options for me.
  9. I might be up for something. Low tide is around 1 PM at around 4.5 I think. So, it would be catching an incoming in the afternoon. Close to Doc's may be an option, maybe Olalla.
  10. I was thinking the same thing
  11. I have photos completed for 6 of the flies.... Phew! That was fun...

    NOTICE: For those that can't be at the Face to Face, you will, of course, have to wait for yours in the mail after Saturday when I receive the others. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I can get them mailed Sunday night.
  12. I'm itchin to see em... but I suppose I can wait till next week:)
  13. Chef, are you thinking like these guys and want to try to fish a little after wards? either way is alright with me. I would just have to pack my gear.
  14. That was a fun swap Larry! Thanks for putting it together. Nice to put faces to posts. Great bunch of flies, now we need to meet up at a lake and use them! The beer and chowder were good too!
  15. I forgot to post my emerger pattern; #22 Lady McConnell, barbless dry fly hook, schuck's tied with a grizzly hackle tip with a few strands of Z-lon, tan foam shellback (instead of deerhair) peacock herl body & grizzly hackle cut-off on the bottom.
  16. thank you all for coming. What an awesome way to spend some time on Saturday. Great food, wonderful company and meeting new people. Great time!
  17. Hi Everyone of you crazy Midge Swappers! I thoroughly enjoyed the swap and meeting new people as I think we all did. That was quite a turnout! I was amazed. I feel kind of bad for getting the "itch" like Rob and Kelvin to go fishing, otherwise, I could have sat there and drank a few glasses of beer all afternoon! I apologize for that because it was a great group of guys and I would have enjoyed hanging around longer. I think Steve should do a blue damsel swap! So here's my fishing report since we escaped: We ran up to Olalla beach. It was pretty much a bust for us there after beating the water to a froth for only an hour. We left and basically decided to call it a day with both Rob and I thinking of hitting a beach on our way to each of our homes. I decided to head into Bremerton. I fished between the two bridges. 2nd cast I hooked a nice little cutt that may have been lucky to hit 14", but she came unbuttoned after her 3rd jump like a rainbow! LDR! Fatty tho. I got out of there and decided to hit another beach to the north. About my 6th cast I hooked up, but it came unbuttoned after about 6 seconds. After another strike and miss I switched flies a couple of times with no luck. Then a fish broke surface nearby. I made several casts with a small shrimp I had on at the time. Nothing. I switched up to my trusty Popsicle Stick and the fish took on the first cast. It was only a 12 incher, but, hey no skunk for me today! Thanks all for coming. I will have pictures posted posted late tonight or sometime in the morning. And I should be able to get others flies in the mail as well. What a nice set of midges! You guys did a nice job. I now wish I would have hung around and drank beers instead of going for the slow fishing. Thanks again everyone. -Larry
  18. Great time Larry thanks for the good day. WE weren't prepared to fish since chef was needed at work tonight. but we enjoyed it all. Nice to have met more of the bunch and we'll look forwad to the next time. Good luck and happy fishin.
  19. Larry, had a great time today and it was nice meeting some of the people on the forum. Some great looking midges, can't wait to try them. Thanks for putting it together.


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