Toucannon Steelhead/Salmon??

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by siksika, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. I was fishing the Toucannon River/William Wooten Lakes a couple of days ago. While checking out the river, I happened upon an area where I saw a huge fish(~18"). I fish for primarily trout (rainbow, cutt, brook, brown, etc). So when I saw this huge fish, I thought it was just a big "trout" (I realize that steelhead are sea-going trout, too), so I tried to toss a few flies to it (note: the biggest trout I've caught on this river have been about ~10-12"). I went through quite a few flies (hopper, royal wulff, salmon egg, some sort of silver bead-head nymph), but the fish didn't even raise an eyebrow!

    I was able to get within about 5-10 feet of the fish and was coming up along side it. At this point another fish also appeared, and this one was even bigger (~24"). The bigger fish was noticeably red, and had a "salmon" looking face; the "smaller" fish looked like a trout--dark green w/ black spots.

    I ended up giving up on these guys, but was just amazed at seeing such huge fish in such a small stream (this area was maybe 5-8ft wide and a 1ft deep.

    I mentioned this to the guy working at The Last Resort, and he mentioned that Steelies, Sockeye salmon were makin their way up, and he said that some can get really big! I have no clue how to fly fish for steelhead, might need to look into it.

  2. yep...sounds like a steelie for sure. Toss some glo-bugs or string leeches or babine specials in front of them next time :thumb:
  3. thanks for the info, Patrick. I'll have to look for some of those flies, and give it a try. I have a 5wt rod--hopefully this will be adequate. I've caught a few "hogs" in MT waters this year, but I'm sure a steelie will be a whole new ball game! :)

  4. i caught a steelhead on the touchet a couple years ago. i was also fishing for trout, ( using a prince nymph), when this big fish comes jumping straight out of the water. it was cool, but it took a long time to resuscitate her. this was in november. even though i was fishing for trout, ( brown trout in particular), i felt bad for desturbing a spawning fish. it's amazing how far these fish go, even if they are hatchery fish.

  5. i have the quil ceda in my back yard and after these downpours i was curious to see if anything made it into the creek. i walked down to the deepest hole and sure enough there were 5 or 6 kings just hanging out. 2 of them were pretty hammered but the rest looked pretty fresh. the two biggest ones (20+lbs) were quite a sight. they looked out of place in such a small stream. there was also a couple SRC's tagging along. it was cool.
  6. little creek big fish

    yup, toss a glo bug at them and when it leaves the sight of you set the hook.
  7. Ya, that was a steelie or bull, the wooten area is a little warm for bulls, but maybe they have started to move down already. Touc steelies are small on average, like 4-6lbs. They are takers, i hooked on a big ehc once. Ya, um pm me offline if u want some spots on that creek. On another not, the trout dont really got bigger than 12in as an average, i have got a few abouve than, one pig whitefish on an articulated pruple leach, and one bow that was about 14in. The resident fish stay small exepct for the bulls. BTW, it may have been a small jack chinnok, the springers are just starting to spawn around now, that is about the right place for them to be making some redds. Btw, this creek isnt worth fishing, the put and take bait lakes are much better.

  8. yeah, i've fished both the river and a few lakes. The other day, we were for the most part skunked. what was sad, was seeing this family totally kicking butt--it seems like every 5 min they had a nice fish (even the 3-4yr old girl!!). man, I wish I knew their secret! I think they were using worms, but I don't know.
  9. From your discription it sounds to me like you were looking at a couple of spawners.

    In such situations it is always better to avoid catching them.

    But it could indicate that others, not yet on redds, may be available just a few miles downstream.

  10. Sounds to me like a couple of spawning spring chinook.
  11. They get a pretty good return of steelhead in that little river. On average they are in the 6 to 8 lb class. There are some nice bows in that river as well. Alot of small ones, but once in a while you can find a nice 14" to 16" in there.
  12. If they were spring kings they would have been red or real dark, telling kings from trout aren't hard when telling steelies from other things look for the white mouth, the fact that they wern't hitting was probably because they were spooked. I've seen 27-28 inch bows on streams no bigger then a few feet wide granted the stream was full of spawning sockeye, and tons of dollies. But the bow was spooked and wouldn't hit my beads. In situations with spooked steelies I'd rocomend prince nymphs and Pheasant Tails, in smaller (14-18) sizes or very small wooly buggers you just about have to hit em in the mouth but if you do they open up and suck it in. Also a bead pegged 2 inches above the hook can be deadly on anything. A 5 wt should be fine my buddy went through a season in AK only using a 3 wt I believe his best this year was a 28 inch bow, my best on a 5 wt if you don't count the 12 pound silver or 30" steely was 24, I'm kinda spoiled :D

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