Trade: Your small creek rod for my trout rod

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Ed Call, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Just sayin.

    That's all.
  2. Well you know, I would. But I love it too much.
  3. Chris, I can't sell the 4wt. I don't have enough 4wts to spare!

  4. LOL!!!!!!!
  5. What? Is it wrong to have at least one 4wt in glass, grass and a few in graphite? Good for stillwater. Good for flowing water. Good for small water. Just plain good.
  6. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a whole bunch of 4 wts. It seems I have the urge to look at every single 4 wt that pops up on the classifieds.

    I'm just givin ya a hard time. As a fellow gear whore I just found it funny.
  7. Trading away a rod is harder than just buying another...a point that the Mrs disagrees with, but not sure her vote counts.

    So, back on topic...who's got a tiny water fiberglass (or grass) rod that you are not fishing enough? What are your demands.

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