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    Classic fiberglass combo rod for sale:
    Fenwick fiberglass SF 74-4, 4 piece 7 foot 6 weight fly/spin combo rod with triangular case.
    Wear correlated to occasional use over 10 years, then sitting for 35 years in the case--decal wear, some scuffs, soiled cork, but no damage that would detract from functionality. Triangular case, no sock. I'm the only owner, have had it since 1965. A great all around travel rod with a traditional fiberglass action. Great with a 12" trout, capable of landing a 5 pounder.
    For spinning use, rated 1/8 oz to 3/8 oz. Rod weighs 3-7/8 oz.
    $60 plus domestic shipping (estimate $15). 3 day inspection with full return priveleges immediately thereafter if not satisfied.


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