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  1. Ah OK I figured that was you. I was the guy fishing just to the left of christoph
  2. I went with option 2 on Saturday evening
    Nice change of pace from staging fish
    Walking a beach and casting to cutties that are pushing bait right at you
    One was caught with a 20 foot cast
    No big ones but its sure fun to cast to fish that move aggressively to your fly
    All were caught on a olive marabou over white mini clouser
    Come on down I never see anyone when I go out
  3. I'm heading north on Friday to explore option 4. Anyone wanting to carpool is more than welcome to join.

    Nick- I should have stopped casting for a few seconds to introduce Jason, but couldn't bring myself to risk missing fish, odds are getting tougher these days for sure. Also, your easy, long casts make me think I need to go try an outbound short!

    Thanks to everyone for the waiting fish pattern ideas. I fished with Kerr last october and we used similar flies on the Sol Duc to get low-water coho to bite. May have to re-visit these ideas for lockjawed river fish this weekend.
  4. I think most of the fish are through until we get some rain so I've switched to Cutthroat and looking forward to river fishing for salmon in a week or so as well as some steelhead fishing. The choices are many this time of year with some ending and several beginning.
  5. Thanks DB/SF. It was a wild fish though (at least the fin wasn't clipped) so not a net pen fish.

    Jason, I was the guy to the left of Nick. Too bad there wasn't more action for your missed it by a couple weeks.
  6. Sounds like PNP was the place to be. We should have a chum party when the time comes.

    Here's my take on Croft's Spider as per Jim Kerr's detailed drawing.

    Size 6 Gamakatsu SC15
    Thread: Orange 3/0
    5/32 Gold Bead
    Body: Gold tinsel
    Pearl Flashabou wing (1 strip)

    Yellow/orange saddle hackle version... IMG_20121001_192643_edit0.jpg

    Orange saddle hackle, pheasant crest...
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  7. Someone should have told the salmon that.

  8. I am pretty sure you and Christophe did indeed get that memo to the Salmon, since you were the only ones to beach fish :D

  9. I am pretty sure you and Christophe did indeed get that memo to the Salmon, since you were the only ones to beach fish :D
  10. I just get into some fall SRC fishing this time of year until I see chum. This time of the year is the best time of year for SRC because they are feeding heavily before the winter arrives. Try top water flies at Purdy because you can run into 20+ SRC in that area this time of year.
  11. I hope this info helps as these are fine examples of flies that I have used in the past for estuary coho. Perhaps you as well.

    Coho Killer beadhead size 6-8

    Cathy's Coat, Pickled Herring, Ferguson Green and Silver!!
    As well as good examples of California Neil, Coho Spider, and a couple of muddlers:
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  12. Excellent. I'll be adding those to my box soon!

  13. Roger Stephen's tries a very nice version of the Ferguson Green and Silver t
  14. that is on this website under the 2012 SRC fly swap

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