Transporting Firearms as Checked Baggage

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Johannesak, Aug 18, 2010.

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    My sister is visiting me from Anchorage this weekend and I'm hoping to have her bring one of my hunting rifles down. Given that she isn't the owner of the rifle, is she allowed to check the rifle with her baggage? I haven't found a clear answer on the Alaska Air or TSA websites. It would of course be in a locked hardcase. Thanks for your ideas.
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    Never mind, I called Alaska Air and they confirmed that a passanger may carry someone elses firearm as long as they declare it at check-in. I guess posting the question on the forum seemed more fun than simply calling them.
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    She will need a lockable case and a lock.
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    And be sure to remind her to get and keep her baggage claim stub. Friend of mine didn't, hell of a time getting his rifle and case back.
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    I transported firearms this past 4th...I can't believe how easy it is! What was unerving for me is that a gun case...well it's a gun case! Everyone and their grandma knows what is in this box. I'm sure I had a gazillion cameras on me, but I walked up to the baggage check in told them what I had, the woman told me to sign this, and place it in the case...I was shocked that out in the open they wanted me to open a case full of weapons! Needless to say I then brought it to TSA and those guys told me to wait while the scan the case, took all of 20 seconds, and I was told have a nice flight. All of this took maybe 5 minutes!

    On the flip side my case slid down the oversize baggage pickup with zero attandance...this sort of pissed me off since as stated everyone and their grandmothers know it is a gun case.
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    How would you prove you own it?
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    View attachment 33857 i have a take down shotgun case i bought at sportsmans whse when i lived in AK and on two trips, i had TSA put the case back inside my big duffle so i wouldn't be charged an xtra bag. Ak airlines probably wouldn't charge ya if you decided to have the case by itself but i could be wrong. Guess it depends on who you ask and how you ask them. They really were nice to me on my two trips down to Calif and back. They saved me over 200.00 those 2 years. They also didn't charge me the 25.00 for a 2ft x 4ft box that had my snow goose mount in it being it was so light. They put it right on top of my dog kennel like I had asked. I was thinking....that goose never flew that fast before and got an early migration trip back to AK, but only it was warm when i had it hanging from the living room ceiling