Tri Basin Divide

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  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything on here so I thought I'd post up a little report with some pictures on a trip my friend Robert and I took to the Tri Basin Divide this past weekend. For those who don't know about it it's about an hour or so East into the mountains from Afton, WY. You have the opportunity to catch three different subspecies of cutthroat from three different rivers who's waters all originate in the Tri Basin Divide (hence the name). The rivers are the Greys, La Barge and Smith Fork rivers. The subspecies of cutthroat you can catch in these rivers respectively are the Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat, Colorado River Cutthroat and the Bonneville Cutthroat trout.

    We only camped Saturday night because Friday was spent tying flies and drinking beer at my place. It was about noon when we finally got to our camp along the Greys river and right about the same time as when a thunder storm was rolling in. After the storm blew over the Greys fished pretty good with the average fish between 12"-14" with the occasional lunker between 16"-18". There were a few stoneflies out, plenty of caddis, mayflies, and even a yellow sally or two. The fish were striking pretty frequently throughout the day on a #14 hares ear stimulators with a little flash on top(for me), and then in the evening they were liking #16 PMD sparkle duns and #16 hares ear parachutes.

    The La Barge River fished pretty slow and I only caught one Colorado River Cutthroat on a large yellow madam-x like fly. Probably the best fish of the weekend for me. There were a few other curious fish that rejected any offering presented to them. I honestly felt like if we stayed in the lower part where I caught my cutthroat our luck would have probably changed. BUT Robert insisted we travel up stream where I didn't see a single fish. The La Barge is definitely a river I will be going back to. Those Colorado River Cutthroat sure know how to bend a rod. Here are a few pictures (hopefully they uploaded properly):

    Drive into the Tri Basin Divide
    Drive into the Greys River Drainage.jpg

    The official sign
    Tri Basin Divide.jpg
    The upper Greys River near camp
    Upper Greys River.jpg
    Snake River Cutthroat from the Greys River
    Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat on the greys.jpg
    Robert with a fish on
    Robert(fish on).jpg

    Me with my first Colorado River Cutthroat on the La Barge River
    First Colorado River Cutthroat on La Barge River.jpg
    And a little tributary creek to the Salt river I like to fish frequently that we stopped and fished on the way home.
    Small Creek on the way home.jpg

    Welp, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'll be posting more trip reports in the coming weeks.


  2. Nice! How was the Smith Fork?
  3. Didn't get a chance to stop and fish the Smiths Fork. Only had the weekend. Since it's much closer to me than the Greys or La Barge I'll head out there in the near future. Though, it was hard not to stop and fish while driving by.
  4. Awesome pictures!
  5. Triple divides are really interesting places. Didn't even know about this one - and it feeds 3 huge big drainages. Thanks for sharing a report and great photos.
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  6. Going to this area in early Sep. Be my first time there. Will be staying in Forest Service cabins - 2 nights at Deer Creek near Greys river, 3 days at Hoback, and 2 days at La Barge. Plan on fishing Greys River, Hoback, Gros Ventre, Le Barge and maybe Snake. Any other streams in area I should check out? I thought Le Barge had been rehabilitated for a Bonneville cutthroat refuge?
  7. I'm pretty sure la barge was rehabilitated for Colorado river cutthroat. The smith fork is where you can catch Bonneville cutthroat. If you can I would check out the salt river running through star valley and it's tributaries.
  8. Amazing scenery...must have been a fun trip. Thanks for sharing
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  9. Nice pics and trip! I love that area, having lived in eastern Idaho for many years when I was young enough to take advantage of it! Last time I was there was in June of '08. I was there for other purposes, but took a day and drove the road up La Barge and over the divide and down the Grays. I had my rod and made a few casts here and there, but there was still snow on the road near the divide and the rivers were all at flood. I'd love to get back later in the summer some year.
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  10. Thanks Dick. I'm really having a great time fishing and camping out here. I too am taking advantage of it while I'm young! I'll be sure to keep on posting reports and pictures of my travels to come.

    Cheers! from SE Idaho
  11. thanks for sharing!! awesome pictures!

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