Tri-Cities Carp curiosity

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by sk8flyrod, May 16, 2014.

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    So I get to spend Memorial Day with my cousin and her family this year in Richland, looking to get out and do a little carp-petting. I don't have but a few hours to spend after all the family rig-a-ma-rolllll...and I've never fished that area. I was wondering if anyone would be will to share a few destinations for me to search out. I'm not looking for GPS coords. I'm just hoping for a "try near...", or "go up river from xyz..." but I can also hear if you just say "just step in the water and look".

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    I have never targeted carp in the Tri-Cities, usually Bass or panfish, however, we have seen tons of fish in the shallows around Bateman Island ( Kennewick). Can launch a small boat or hike around the area.
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    Carp at Bateman are scarce this year. Seiners worked the area over pretty good during April. Also, water is higher & colder than usual due to the Wanapum draw-down. There are a few fish there, but it's been tough fishing. I've had to travel to get into higher numbers & opportunity.
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    I've heard there's lots of carp around the Tri-cities... of course they all have three eyes and grow to the size of Godzilla :D
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    They're easier to sight-fish for, tho. You just look for the glow . . .
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    The best part of the glow in the dark fauna in the Tri-City area is it keeps the West side on the West side---mostly anyway. You don't want to catch any rod breaking fish anyway!!!
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    If you head toward Hermiston, Oregon on the freeway, get off on Hwy 14 before crossing the river and head west. The Patterson slough area is pretty cool area to explore and you have opportunities to catch carp and small mouth bass, both on the main part of the river and back in the shallows depending on water temperature.

    I caught this turd out on the main river about 14 miles east of the dam. It was right after the bass had spawned a few years ago, quite a surprise after catching a bunch of bass in the 1.5 to 3 lb range.

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    They're everywhere! Try the backwater sloughs.