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  1. going to be spending next week in the tri-cities, on business, and will have the evenings free. Any opportunities to wade rivers near by for trout? I know the the 'big river' runs through town, but was curious about any small rivers, tribs. maybe?
  2. nah, there is the yakima but it doesnt have any trout. you could probably find some bass though. there are a couple places for bluegill but most are under 5 inches.
  3. I'm in the dry shities now. Think carp, the "lakeview appartments" has some carp in it, but the residents get pissed when u fish for them. Iv found the best time to be from 1-3 am. The columbia river has a few carp too.
  4. Ha, I have been kicked out of there before those lakes have some bass in them too.
  5. where are the lakeview appartments
  6. How bout' those columbia river browns. I hear those things get up to 30 lbs!!
  7. On clearwater Ave. but seriously come on, do you really want to go cast into an apartment pond when you can fish the yak for bass or carp, the columbia for carp, ringold for steelies. There are your options within 30 miles.
  8. what are you talking about? the only trout in the tri cities area of the columbia are steelies that never ran, which there isnt a whole lot of.
  9. Fuller be smokin' teh rocks.
  10. no, i was just wondering where they were cause i was wondering if it was acctually a small pond allowed for fishing and people were just getting mad to get mad or if it was really an apartment complex pond that you arent supposed to fish in. i do fish the yak and columbia for bass.
  11. There are Kings in the lower Yakima right now. Most people throw tuna balls for them with gear. Man, i'm going to hear about that one...

    I tried to swing a fly for them last year with no success. Check the regs and make sure, but most people catch at least one by 8am before they head out to work.

  12. Are you kidding about the steelhead? Have you looked at the dam numbers latley? Over 150,000 steelhead have passed through your area and more are on their way. Ringold supports the heathiest bank steelhead fishery for steelhead on the entire main stem columbia man.
  13. It's just too bad that all of those chromeheaded fish don't run though the tri-cities on their way the to the methow or wenatchee. I hear there is no good holding water and the sturgeon have been known to come up and eat wade fishermen.....and the water is too warm.
  14. HMMMmmmmm.......:confused:
  15. if you were to read what i wrote more carefully i think you might understand that your statement doesnt make sense but...what i meant was the only trout-trout that are the size of resident trout and not steelhead are steelheads that were born in the columbia but never ran back to the ocean, which there are very few of. of course there are alot of steelhead running up the river HOW ELSE DO THEY GET HERE. i dont mean to be rude, but just look over the sentence structure next time before you answer something.
  16. HUH?:confused:


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