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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by JoseEvangelista, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I am new to the sport of fly fishing and would love to get my first steelhead this fall. I just don't know where to go to fish and what to use. There aren't any fly fishable rivers near and know that I will have to drive. Just a bit of help will be appreciated. Thanks
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    I don't know if its still good, but years ago I used to do pretty well on steelhead on the Columbia at Ringold which is 20-30 minutes from Tri-cities. Its pretty intimidating to look out across 1/2 mile wide river with just a fly rod in your hand, but the fish are caught within 50' of shore ( at night it might be only 10-15 feet of shore). They pull in close to the bank for the cool water entering from Ringold springs.
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    I'll send you a PM when I get back home. There's a couple rivers near by (you), but one of them fortunately/unfortunately isn't getting any more hatchery plants, and my be closed to steelie fishing in the near future.
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    Thanks for the information! I may give it a try this weekend and see what happens.
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    395 Bridge Pasco to Hanford townsite wooden
    powerline towers (See Ringold Area Bank
    Fishery below)

    Oct. 1-Mar. 31 Catch-and-release except up to 2 hatchery STEELHEAD may be
    retained. Oct. 1-Oct. 31: only STEELHEAD with both adipose fin

    Check the Regs Jose I believe it's closed water for steelhead until the 1st of October. There is a bunch of
    guys drifting eggs for Kings right now. They are picking up some steelhead.
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    I guess I have to wait. Thanks for the heads up
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    I think right now would be too early, but later on you might try the Walla Walla and Tucannon. Now is the time for the Klickitat and hopefully the WDFW will open the Methow if the fish numbers will support it. There are fish to be caught around the Ringold area, too.