Tribes want free Discover Passes

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Go Fish, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Go Fish

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    I couldn't get the link to take from
    the Everet Hearld website to work,
    maybe some can link it for me.

    Since the state decide to tax the parks and
    dnr lands the tribes are having a hissy fit
    because they have to pay like everyone else.

    You would hope in these tough economic times
    they would just pitch in and pay like
    everyone else.... but nooooo. :beathead:

    Not making enough money on gas stations and casinos
    to pay the thirty bucks. Its just thirty bucks!
  2. Rob Allen

    Rob Allen Active Member

    I am not buying one and am unwilling to change what access sites i use and I will not pay any tickets received while using these locations.
  3. Tim Lockhart

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    I'd do the same if I weren't so uptight about my shiny credit score.
  4. bennysbuddy

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    The solution to the what pass do you need where dilemma is fake Tribal id cards. A fake Tribal id card should work just like a fake drivers license did when I was 19 got me into bars no questions asked. The trouble is I'm not sure where to get fake id's anymore & the dude in everett that made my last one is no longer in business.
  5. Go Fish

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    Can't post anymore....

    got go down to the rez
    and get some smokes and
  6. Ed Call

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    Don't we all want something for nothing? Well, it seems if you want to use the resource you have to pay. Hope it applies to everyone the same. As for refusing to buy one but still using the areas, that is your choice. No need bragging about your law breaking bravado. They are required by law, right? Forgot that these days we can pick and choose the laws we wish to follow.
  7. Chris Johnson

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    Everyone does Mumbles, it's just a matter of degrees.
  8. Phil Fravel

    Phil Fravel Friendly

    I'm being cynical here but just think. What if we gave all the land back to the tribes, No parks, gates, bathrooms, just forest and rivers. Then would we need to buy the pass to access "Goverment" Federal, State , county, land.
  9. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    This is what happens when wide-scale tax rates fall at federal and state levels. We get nickel and dimed on a per use basis. Discover Pass is just the latest of many such ticky tacky fees that in fact just replace falling lump sum tax revenues. Then people get mad that they are getting nickel and dimed, including many of the same people who scream and yell for lower taxes.
  10. Ed Owens

    Ed Owens Carpe diem!

    While the decision to pass this expense on to those who of us who use the facilities is an inconvenience, the expense is minimal. Prior to this change, all taxpayers in the state funded these facilities, even if they never used them. The current situation, while perhaps not to everyone's liking, is based upon those who use pay for pleasure of doing so.

    These access facilities are not tribal land, they are public land and the law states users now have a fee to pay; no exceptions. If the land and resources were properly respected, by all, then there would be limited need to have funding to keep them clean, preserved, protected and maintained.

    Those who choose not to pay the fee, that is their choice, and you are likely to face the consequences. If you choose to get a ticket, you choose to take the ride. Life is about decisions and consequences...we're all adults; just don't complain if you don't like the consequences of your decisions.

    If you average out how many times a year we each visit these locations to pursue our passion/hobby/, not to mention outings with our families, this is less than what it costs to go to a couple of movies (forget taking the whole family to a movie with snacks), going out to dinner, or another leisure time pursuit.

    I look at it this way...a good reason to go hit the water more often and get my money's worth. There likely will be fewer people also, those who want to avoid the fees so they go elsewhere. I was up at Pinkfest a few weeks ago and heard folks talking about how almost no one was really fishing in the state park at Dash Point because of the new permit... another positive to consider.

    Just some food for thought on this issue.
  11. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Washington State doesn't have enough money in it's coffers. So now they make you all pay for going out in to the outdoors to play. What a piece of SHIT!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder I keep liking Montana more and more. Pay for a license and nothing more. And then the by product. There are fish to catch.

    The only down side here is the god damn long cold season.
  12. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    Everyone wants something for nothing. Why should the tribes be any different?
  13. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    I have almost reached rage status here. Not only is the local ranger OBESSED with these permits, not checking people for poaching (even after hiking in 10 minutes to tell u to get ur discoevery pass), and then ISSUING ME A CITATION WHILE MY FUCKING DISCOVERY PASS WAS IN THE WINDOW!

    as far as the tribal issue, I agree with the tribes. I mean, lets look at it from the Spokane indian Perspective (a tribe NOT making big bucks)... so, you want to go visit the bowl and pitcher and take your son to a place that has been part of your tribe for most of its history, that we kicked you out of... well pay me 30 bucks first!

    It's fucked.
  14. Ed Owens

    Ed Owens Carpe diem!

    I lived in MT for 6 years and loved the hunting and fishing. It's simply beautiful country to live in. There just aren't as many people there, not the pressures on species numbers we have out here, and more of a respect for nature. There is another thread on this forum about vandalism and graffiti...a lack of respect for our parks.
  15. dryflylarry

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  16. ribka

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    I'm gonna use my free barry hussein money to pay for my pass
  17. ribka

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  18. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    Five will get you ten that
    the next session in Olympia
    will give free passes to
    the tribes.

    Griswald Predicts!
  19. yellowlab

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    I'll gladly exchange forward my pass for the rights to fish in some of the natives water... The Pass has been wonderful for me since it puts me away from the crowds, I can launch a boat, and usually there is a fresh water rinse station, restrooms, and plenty of parking available. Worth the price especially for another $30 it includes all the boat launches at state parks.
  20. Charles Sullivan

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    For Ribka from the thread entitled Forum Rules:

    "Political discussions have no place on the board unless it's in direct relation to the impact of a fishery."

    I too have strong beliefs, but I choose to respect the rules. Plus I actually like not having to deal with politics here. I don't expect you to be as good as me, but I would appreciate you showing some respect. Thanks.

    Go Red Sox,