Tribes want free Discover Passes

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  1. You mean no politics like this posters before me?

    As long as you critisize the right side seems to be ok on wff.


    The "well to do" don't worry about paying taxes or fees:
  2. I don't speak for WFF, just me.

    DFL should not have posted that either, but to be fair I just brushed over his post and didn't see it.

    The 2 of you should just get a room anyhow.

    Your retort does prove my point though, that when you use the forum as your own political soapbox, those of us that don't are left to suffer. One option that you had when dealing with DFL was to ask him to comply with the rules, just as you do (if you did). Another option was to use his post as an excuse to also not comply with the rules (which you did).

    I am not a moderator, so I have no right to tell you what to do. I also don't want to hijack this worthwhile thread. I just ask that you show a little respect. The political season is here, I'm getting phone calls etc. and I do enjoy this little oasis of non-partisan fishing talk. Thanks.

    Go Red Sox,
  3. 'Zactly right! How many folks in this state stubbornly drive at exactly the posted speed limit in the left lane on the freeway and force faster drivers to pass them on the right. But while being so self-righteous about following one law, they freely break another by ignoring the signs posted every few miles warning Slower Traffic Keep Right.

  4. They do this on purpose? All this time I thougth they were illiterate idiots and didn't know anybetter.
  5. The Discover Pass legislation was originally requested by DNR, Washington Fish & Wildlife, and Washington State Parks. How
    can an agency such as WDFW "overlook" the subject of a pass that covers more than one frigging car? On the current fishing license it has room for two license plates! This, I know, is a sore subject to most of us fisherman I think. Whomever represented WDFW when they got together to discuss this proposed matter either knew they were screwing us or they still had cobwebs from lack of no coffee that morning, when making decisions on implementing this fee. They also, apparently, also forgot to include the tribes.
  6. Where I come from we call these people massholes. Of course, we ignored the granite staters doing the same thing.

    I just got back from Montana and it isn't just our state. There is just more of us on this side of the hills.

    Go Sox,
  7. Sorry Lugan, You are full of sheit. and should probably do a little reading View attachment 43712

    The states revenue is increasing. They are collecting more taxes than ever in the history of the state. If you owned or operated a business you would know this. The issue is government run agencies are in charge of running more and more every year. Not sure if you've noticed but they generally suck ass at everything they have ever tried to run. This is what happens when you give a retard a credit card.

    Don't buy the our economy is bad Bullsheit. It only apears bad because they are spending on credit and getting shittier rates as the debt to revenue gap rises. it's easy to sping numbers when you pay interest. The $30 Discovery pass isn't paying to maintain anything. It's paying interest on a bad loan our governer took out on god knows what that we probably didn't need in the first place.

    That is from the discover pass web site.

    It's BS. We don't have shrinking revenue. We have increased revenue, however, our debt is increasing. I can show you that chart as well or you can look it up yourself. I'd advise the latter.
  8. I would like to see the Tribes get a free pass for all Tribal members and their guests. I would also like to see a sliding fee / no fee scale for low income, or no income, poverty and underpriveledged people etc. And if they want this fee system to work they should be charging a flat rate for all activities and access, to include all of the boat ramps statewide, and a $5.00 day rate at most! (even at that price the parks lost most of their attendance the last time we did this!)

    Some people may see the fee as a good thing "for fishing" as it reduces angler pressure in the parks etc. But I see that as a terrible thing because for many people the parks were all that they had, and now they can not afford that. The Public Parks were meant for everyone, not just those with money.
  9. I'm not going to step too far in to this, but I don't think that graph is showing what you think it's showing. The GDP of the state is growing (slowly), but tax revenues aren't. And state spending is pretty stagnant. Here's a graph that better outlines that:

    View attachment 43713

    That's about all I'll say on the subject.

  10. As for the political BS, the rules won't flex. If it continues on this discussion topic I'll either have the time to remove the applicable posts or I won't have the time and will just smoke the entire topic.

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  11. IMO, tribes should pay the same amount as the rest of us.

  12. Sorry Matthew, That chart is definatly not counting interest debt spend (Shit we bought on credit last x years) and is probably only counting consumer tax, but I'd have to do some math to verify that. Looking at a glance tho, that looks like what they did. That is the problem and the same spin that our gov has been using to lie right to our faces. Also state GDP trends the same as state Tax Revenu. The data supports this but, I didn't have a graph on hand show it. I sometimes forget that Econ 101 is no longer taught in our public schools. Wonder why?

    The tribes shouldn't have to pay, none of us should, we already paid for it.
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  15. I've learned from watching my dully elected officials & most lawyers,liberals & police officers it ain't illegal unless you get caught even then a good lawyer can muddle the facts and make you the victim and get you off.
  16. I'd be more than happy to pay for one user pass to use statewide when hunting, hiking, camping, fishing etc, if they (WDFW) uniformly enforced the pass among all user groups including tribal members and if the funds generatated by the sales of the passes went to resources enforcement/mangement and not in the general state fund.

    Most law abiding recreational users, fishermen and hunters are growing weary of tribal groups not being held to the same standards. Sick of tribal placing nets accross spawning access for native steelhead, salmon and shooting deer, sheep and elk at or near the WInter feeding stations when they are most vulnerable.
  17. The tribes should not get a free pass here. I look at it as a use fee, and ALL should pay it, with possible exceptions for the physically disabled.
  18. I know, let's all go down to the Cedar for a big fish fry. I loves me them freshly-caught trout. How about the first weekend in September? Anyone in?
  19. Me too. I'd also be more than happy to pay for a Tom Morgan Special at the price of a Lefty Kreh Signature. It's time these politicians started paying attention to the needs of the average voter. What ever happened to common sense?
  20. Ah heck, I thought the tribes were their own "Nation". If so, maybe they should pay for a "non-resident" fishing license fees
    when not fishing on the reservation! Just joking. And, regarding all fishing fees, I think you should be considered a "senior citizen at age 65, not 70. I think that's a screwjob by the state. 70! Hell, a lot of folks that age can hardly walk! It's a joke. My local pancake house considers you a senior with senior rates at age 55! Now there ya go!

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