Trick or Treat for Chum Dog Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Kerfwappie, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I would love to send you all some Chum Lunch flies. Unfortunately, the index finger on my right hand is numb and even though I have tried, I don't turn out a very good product. I'll keep working and if I can get some made, I'll send them along. No promises, however. At present, I'm pretty frustrated.
  2. Ok so i just finished my flies, i only tied the originals in two colors to make it simple. i'll be sendin them to kerf in a day or so.
  3. Nice AAAAA-vatar Zack.
  4. oh you like that mumbles??? shes got a hook in her butt haha
  5. Might she need a little ass-istance with that hook in her butt? Dude, you are hilari-ass.
  6. ahah no dude YOU are hilari-ass!
  7. Mumbles your avatar is ass-pecialy scary haha kinda creepy though
  8. here are mine
    a chum reverse spider
    and the Chum Puppy
    in the mail to you Eric
  9. I just received Zack's flies in the mail today. I have to say they are mighty fine ties and should do well to hook you all up.
  10. Hey Zack the estuary chum candy in green you have there is a killer for chum here on vancouver island estuarys also. A little improvement would be tying some white strands in with it it seems to improve them here. For all you that fish chums in rivers try white by itslef ive had great successs
  11. Chris Johnson's flies arrived today, and I have to say chum dog is in for a treat. Those flies are beautiful and making mine look shabby. I can already see I'm the weak link here.
  12. I have not been in a swap before but would like to get in on this one.

  13. to have about a day to tie 18 flies and get them to Eric
  14. where do I send the flies? I would like to get in if it is not to late.
  15. Send a PM to the swapmeister for this swap, Kerfwappie. He'll send you his address via PM if that one spot is still available.
  16. I'm sorry, but I can't see how that's going to work this late in the game. I have already received two sets of 16 flies, and I'm sure others are in the mail by now or being packaged up to go out in the next day or two. There's always next time.
  17. Shit I better get going or Kerfwappie will track me down and choke me.
  18. Those are mighty fine looking flies, Ed. Nice work. Now all you have to do is see if they will do the trick.
  19. The not so normal looking fly is one based on Cougar97's "The Precious". One frustrating day of casting floating lines and unweighted flies over holding and active chum I tied one on. No one was hooking up, until then, and for me it then became a constant fish on for the rest of my day. The next outing I put that fly on first and my first fish was on as I was stripping out line and rollcasting it out as I waded to my intended fishing spot...never got that far because maybe 20' from my rod tip I found my first fish on. I've varied this one quite a bit with a red floss tag and blue sparkle embroidery thread for the body, some turquoise bird fur for a few turns around the neck and then a few turns of peacock breast feather. This is the first time for the bird fur, but I'm pretty sure the chum won't mind. It obviously is not a true chum fly, probably more suited for a more favorable game fish, but it sure has done me right at my favorite chum haunts. Thanks for the kind words Steve, we all hope you are back on your feet.
  20. ED those flies are beautiful can't wait to wet one

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