Tricos on the Little D

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Jim Speaker

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    Started the morning with a major trico spinner fall. Fish were sippin like crazy. Nothing big but took a few largest at 10". Still fun!

    If you love trico hatches (like I do) and don't mind mostly 6-8" fish with 10" or more if you target and time well... Pm me and I'll give you details and timing on a bug laden location where I saw the next batch of adults hatch, ready to molt overnight and fall in the morning.
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  3. Jim Speaker

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    It's alright. Good size fish are few, lots of little guys. I do like that it's rain driven and has good wadable flows long before the mountain streams. I have some locations in the Cascades that kick its ass... and it's a long haul for me now that I live in Mill Creek. I like it enough to pay a visit every couple years. I'm looking forward to dry fly fishing on the upper reaches of some "S" river forks and tribs sooooon.
  4. Jim Wallace

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    Jim became the mad scientist when he noticed the trico spinner fall. He became fixated on it, with the first pool we came to that had 'em! I think he was mumbling something about "size 20 or 22" and since I can't see anything that small, I thought that maybe he was hallucinating.

    Most of my friends are kind of weird in their own ways, so this did not disturb me too much. However, it allowed me to get below him to the next pool, where there may or may not have been some of those invisible mythological "tricos." I saw some surface activity there, but was hoping my sculpin imitation would work.
    I missed a few strikes on my "long-tailed" Wounded Sculpin. I decided that the flows were too low and the water too shallow for that strategy to work mid-day, so In stead of hacking the tail a bit shorter...I cut it off and replaced it with a #12 orange Elk Hair Caddis, and began getting some surface takes.
    That broke the ice for me and I began C&Ring some small cutthroats. Often the take was at the end of my drift just after I pulled the fly under and gave it one strip. My biggest was about 9.5" or so, but scrappy!

    Don't ask me how I know this, but you can still cast and fish all day if you break off the tip-top of your new 8'6" 3wt with an errant quick strip, done just as Murphy sneaks a loop of your line around the tip!:eek: Perfectly bad timing!:confused: Terribly weak tip top!
    I had to bite the bullet and snap off another 3" so my line wouldn't foul around it when casting, and thus transformed the next guide into the "tip" so I could go on fishing. I should carry a tip repair kit. I'm sending it in on the warranty.

    For what its worth, my new 8'2" CT still seemed well matched to the line I was using. I was casting a 3 wt DT floater.
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  5. Gary Knowels

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    Good to hear you had a great time there, wish I was around to turn that duo into a terrible trio.

    Bummer about snapping the tip top on your CT, hopefully they can replace it instead of sending you a new tempt.

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  6. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Gary, I think the rod would work just fine as an 8' 2" if I removed the upper wire guide and replaced it with a new tip-top.
    Thanks for the warning. I might call Redington and ask them which route they would take, and then, if they want to replace my CT with a Tempt, hold off sending mine in and fish it as an 8' 2" until something else happens to it. Wonder if they'd go for that? Might be worth asking.
  7. Jim Speaker

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    Site started acting up while trying to post this.

    Yeah, blanket #22 trico hatch. The fish were active on the male imagos. By the time the females had oviposited and began a significant fall they were mostly done with sipping tricos so I never made the switch over from black trico spinner to pale cream yellow.
  8. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    After I lost my #12 EHC to a snag, I tied on a #14 orange Montana Bucktail. Didn't seem as effective as the larger fly had been. The Trico activity was finished for the time being, and Jim had switched up to a yellow Stimulator and was getting more strikes than was I, so switched to a pale olive #12 Stimulator, which continued to draw attention from the small cutthroats.
    It got pretty warm and sunny by mid afternoon. Water seemed a bit low to me, but that's the first time I fished there. The online river gage (near Rainier) that was upstream of where we were fishing was only reading 50 cfs, with the historical mean for 7/5 somewhere around 62 cfs.