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  1. I know from experence that fishing in Nunnally was better before the trips went in there. The fish fought harder , Alot of the fly clubs have fought for the dips instead of the trips. And I'm happy that the $$$$ are not gonna be spent on the trips.
  2. BC uses triploids extensively and they have been in the game a long time.....they are usually planted as fingerlings into quality lakes with 2Ns. I like 'em.... all female 3N fish are even better and are becoming more commonly used..... as they maintain their chrome without becoming egg bound (a waste of energy as most lake do not support spawning anyway) and triploid males even though sterile go through the morphological changes turn dark and develop milt (sterile) and lose energy..... so all females (AF3N) are considered better, the future is here now ....... If you visit GOFISHBC site lots of info can be found on"non reproductive technologies" from the GOFISHBC (freshwater fishery society)....
  3. do they mix them with the native kamloops ?
  4. The "Kamloops trout" is a bit of a myth..... there are numerous strains (of mykiss) and they are mixed in so much as different strains (often two or three) are planted in the same body of water as fingerlings.... Rememeber a huge majority of the BC lakes have no "native" fish, i.e those lakes were devoid of fish until the Europeans came. Here in Oregon I believe most of the run of the mill stocked trout are now triploids....for genetic reasons though not for quality.....
    The GOFISHBC website has tons of info on their programs, stocking schedules, trout strains ect
  5. good info thanks for posting ! east lake also was said to be void of fish so browns were brought in ! last year they brought in the klamath lake brood stock trout and planted them in east to help with the chub problem ! I always wondered why they had not used a good species of trout for that lakes rainbows and now they have ! they also put a 17 inch limit on the browns so no browns over 17 inches can be kept ! give it a couple years and there will be 8 pound klamath bows and browns to 20 pounds ! well it already has browns to 20 !!! FISHONzzzzzzzzzzzzSNAP !!!!
  6. yes my local fredmeyer has farm rasied (steelhead) which my dad is a store director for fredmeyer and he said they are farm rasied triploids from the net pins on the upper columbia rufus woods. so yes there are some raised for market there just called farm rasied steelhead.
  7. Sue,

    The subject of triploids came up at the last IFPAG meeting. Here's a revelation: triploids are the only fish legally planted in this state that are not raised in WDFW hatcheries.

    After some sharp questioning it was revealed that the law allowing WDFW to plant them was specifically authorized by the legislature with language mentioning the word 'triploid' by name. While I'm sure any our legislators can recite at length the details about their largest campaign contributors, I seriously doubt many could even define the word 'triplod', much less how it applies to trout and fish stocking. It seems quite unlikely that there was some massive groundswell of demand by their constituents to plant triploids in the state's stillwaters.

    So just who wrote that legislation one wonders?

    Turns out there's only one supplier of triploids in this state, TroutLodge. The state Office of Procurement had to have a special exemption from the legislature to allow purchasing triploids from TroutLodge, since there were no competing bids from other potential suppliers.

    It's likely the entire triploid planting program in this state was engineered by TroutLodge and their lobbyist(s) as a way to ensure a steady demand for a product that only they are able to produce.

  8. ....and the plot thickens......
  9. Very interesting stuff. Having a degree in biochemistry with an emphasis on genetics gives me a different perspective than most people. I have too much superfluous information stored in my brain to begin to lay it out here, but I'm game to talk about it in person should I meet any of you and the subject arises.
  10. i'm running for the carrot but for some reason i cant catch it !
  11. I have only heard portions of the story, but I suspect that there are more reasons for the use of TroutLodge trout. Remember part of the deal was the moving of hatchery facilities along Rocky Ford. And if I remember right it saved the department (taxpayers) a bunch of money.

    I am sure somebody in the department can give the complete story and their rationale for the decision.
  12. That is exactly what they have been doing for the last 4 years. They started putting them into year round lakes just so the "Opening Day Crowd" wouldn't snag them up. Check the proposed stocking schedule and you'll see that they are going into year round, Selective and C&R....Lost[Kittitas] Lake might be the exception where you can take 1 fish over 14". FYI....Lost was overun with brook trout 7-9 years ago, you couldn't keep them off your line and they were SMALL. F&G started planting 1,000+ trips every June about 6 years ago and know you can barely find a brookie, because the trips are eating up all the fry, which is exactly why they were put there. I don't think the lake has a high percentage of holdovers, but you can find trips up right now. We usually fish it a couple times a year and late summer it seems we hook into a nice slab 20+ inches. I'm guessing that would be a 3-4 year old trip, seems like decent growth rate to me?! They are NOT planting these fish to entice people to buy licenses and fish one day a year!!

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