Trolling motor for 13' pontoon boat

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by chbichsel, Oct 31, 2007.

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    I want to buy an electric trolling motor for my 13' foot pontoon boat. Is there any motor your can recommend? What level of trust is needed? Should I go for a power driver or manual one?

    Is it safe to use a pontoon boat along beaches / bays if the weather is right? If so I might want to look into a saltwater one.

    I appreciate your input - Chris
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    Chris-this doesn't answer your question but last week I met two guys on a lake fishing out of an 8' pram. They had a nearly 30 year old Montgomery Ward trolling motor that had either 7 or 9# of thrust. It looked like a toy but it really scooted that pram around with 2 guys aboard. They said it would go about 3 days of fishing between charges. A motor that size would be perfect for most pontoon boats but the smallest motor you can get nowadays seems to be about 28# thrust. That is probably 3 to 4 times more thrust(and weight)than you need to power a 'toon.

    I sure wish they would bring back those micro-motors in the 8-12# thrust range. A lot of us would snap those up in a hurry. Ive
  3. Tony Mull Member

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    I only have a 9' pontoon, but a 30lb endura does fine for me. You might want to go up to a 40 lb or so for a larger toon. Best way to steer is just to point the motor straight and use one oar to steer. most mounts are not centered in the stern so there is a natural pull to one side. by just dipping an oar you can easily steer the toon. i only use the motor to get too and from fishing, but it sure has expanded my range. a motor with reverse speeds is a good idea.
  4. Nathan M Daines Natives

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    I have a 13ft pontoon that I put a little minn kota on it in lakes. I think it works great, beats rowing back to the truck in the wind. It has a 30 IBS. thrust, what ever that means. I use it all the time in the spring on Lake Terrel up here. You can see a picture of my boat in the member gallery. You will notice the deck on the back in the pic. I just mount it to that with the battery sitting on the deck.

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    Doesn't take much to push a pontoon boat around. You don't want to put your standard $150 Minn Kota in the salt, though. Good discussion about that in this thread.
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    Thanks for you answers. I noticed that some of the Minn Kota motors have Maximizer technology. They claim that the battery life time is 5 times longer (3 after I called them). Can anyone confirm that it is worth the extra money?

    I am wondering how much of a difference it really makes?