Trolling motor thrust?

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  1. How much thrust is enough for a 9ft pontoon boat. I am noticing that they go as high as 55 lbs of thrust. Can this amount of thrust get that boat moving? Or is that way to much? Have no idea so some helpful insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you kindly

  2. 55 lbs runs my 10' pram right along.

  3. How fast can I realistically expect to go. Not a person with any boating experience so I have absolutely no idea what to expect.
  4. it depends on how much drag your pontoon boat has. If it's like a Bucks Bronco... pretty fast. If it's a 2 man river pontoon boat.... probably not as fast. Maybe you could describe your pontoon boat.

  5. Sure thing sir. It is an Outcast Fishcat 9IR.
  6. I had a 9' fishcat Panther and I have a 55lb thrust minkota. I'd say full thrust maybe 5-6 mph. Not real fast but fast enough to be glad your not rowing
  7. By the way I'll sell it to you as it's only been used a dozen times

  8. Thanks for the offer Patrick. I am just starting my research on learning about these trolling motors. Still trying to figure out why the heck some trolling motors in the minn kota line go for 500, and as low as 150.00 bucks and they both provide the same thrust. I will keep that in mind indeed but I have a long way to go of learning before I pull the trigger on a motor. Heck I think I spent almost 6 months researching watercraft before deciding I was sure on the 9IR. Thank you kindly

  9. No problem. One of these days I'll get around to posting it in the classified section. I own a twelve foot raft and just don't use it now I sold the fishcat
  10. A few years ago, I had decided on a 30# thrust for my pontoon. Everywhere I looked they were made by Minnkota and cost about $110 at the time. One day I was in WallyMart, blowing off time waiting to go pick up one of my kids from some sporting practice and found a Minnkota 28# thrust on the shelf, a high one. I was able to get it down and of course, there was no price on it. As I was cussing the stupid store, one of the few attendants walked by with her inventory gun and I asked her to check the price. The gun wasn't working so she rebooted it, pointed it at the box and told me $17.95. I told her she was wrong but she showed me on the gun that it was for the Minnkota 28# thrust trolling motor, recently discontinued model. But she told me I could take it to the checkout and they could check it there for me. Five minutes later I was walking out of the store with a trolling motor for under $20. But I still hate that store.... That ended my research real fast.


  11. I got you beat. I too capitalized off of big chain retail center fuck ups. Got my brand new Fishcat 9IR for 320.00 shipped. Just got shipping notification too. LOL
  12. Wayne, it's too bad they dropped that 28# thrust motor. I really wanted one but had to settle for the 30# instead. It is almost too powerful for my pontoon boat and way more than adequate for my pram. The 30# will push a pontoon boat much faster than you can ever row and do it for hours without getting tired. The key to any trolling motor is to get a charger that is mated to the battery you select. Most deep cycle batteries will sustain hundreds of recharges but you can easily cut that in half or fry the battery completely by using an incorrect charger.

    I use a Tempest AGM 35 AH wheelchair battery for my Minn Kota that weighs 23# and takes up little space. I have used it for several years now and have never run it down. Since the 30# motor is too strong to actually troll with I use the motor to get where I am going and use fins for the greater control needed to actually catch fish. Too much motor and too much battery is just overkill for a pontoon boat. Beware of the ''bigger is better'' syndrome here.

  13. Yes Ive, I agree that the 28 pound thrust is more than adequate. I bought the motor for my pontoon and my 8' Walker Bay that I had. I have since sold both boats and gave the motor to the gentleman who bought my Walker Bay. I had a regular battery, and the weight of that made my not want to use the motor on a regular basis. I also find that I fish lakes like Lenice and Leech most often, so motors not allowed and I wasn't using it much anyway. Besides now all I have is an SFC and a Hyside MiniMax, so no use for it now anyway.

  14. I agree with Ive. I have a #32 I think and it is way more than enough for my 8' Southfork.
  15. I have a outcast pac 1000 i did use a 36lb with great success , enough power on a small lake , then i move to a 55lb much more power on a big lake in windy condition, So i think a 32lb or 36lb should enough .. I have now a 3.6 hp parson petrol a lot of power for sure i feel more secure for some reason maybe i'm not worry any more about the battery, i have been caught couples time running out of juice in strong and had to row back not a great experience :(.
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  16. I have a Minn Kota with 30# thrust. Never put it on my kick boat, but, on my inflatable boat, it works great. I like it because of the shorter shaft.

  17. HA HA you put shaft, and thrust in the same statement. LOL
  18. Thanks for the help guys. I figured I will get a motor when I figure out how I am going to comfortably turn around and operate it.
  19. It's dead simple to operate. Set the motor up so that it pulls the boat-the same direction you go when you kick or row. Lock it in the straight ahead position at whatever speed you need and steer with your fins.
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  20. Exactly as Ive says.
    Create drag left or right accordingly with your fin (or oar if not fishing).

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