Trophy Alpine West Slope Cutty

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

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    The point I was trying to make earlier was, I thought you had caught and kept 7 fish...that's why I was asking. I was just looking for clarification is all.

    And regarding this statement, if you happen to get lost or hurt on my side of the state while "hiking up a mountain to get these fish", I'll be the guy that comes and finds you and carries you out. ;) :thumb:
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    I agree with Old Man. If that was in Washington, it's not even a little bit close to the state record, even if he was using 7x. There's a lake in the Chelan/Sawtooth Wilderness I'm heading to for the opening day of hunting season that spits out cutties over 6lbs regularly. And you don't don't have to lie about being stoned.
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    I think I know that lake. PM me the name so I can be sure, k?
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    And then we'll put to use all of that "cheap road trip" advice to make up for "the Montana trip we missed"
  6. Gary Thompson

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    I don't care if ya kill'em or not. What Freaking Lake did ya catch'em out of.
    If this lake is so hammered, maybe this ole guy can hike up there and hammer'em also.
  7. JS

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    What a uneducated and misinformed statement. You sir are just picking a fight, without a solid reason for that matter. You kept some fish big deal, but thats not why you posted those pictures is it.
  8. Be Jofus G

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    If they're stocked fish, who gives a shit? Thought that was worth repeating Evan. You beat me to it.
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    Alpine fishing... so easy a caveman can do it!
  10. Evan Burck

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    Meh, people just like bitching on the interwebs regardless.
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    WORD! Kill Em' All!
  12. #1 reason this thread has lasted as long as it has...wait, now does that make me guilty by association?
  13. Evan Burck

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    Two things that will always be true about the interwebs:

    1. People will bitch and be interweb trolls

    2. Shit like this will happen:
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    If ALL the fish in this lake are stocked then they are not in competition with native fish. Why, then, all the Kill, Kill attitude? Not trying to rile any feathers, just a question. :)
  15. Evan Burck

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    Because if the fish themselves aren't native, there's no harm in keeping them.
  16. bitterroot

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    No harm, agreed. But I'm sensing an attitude of "kill because they are hatchery fish" period.

    And by the way, I couldn't watch that entire video. You're right Evan, shit like that will happen. Wow!
  17. Evan Burck

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    I don't fish for trout though... So my opinion doesn't really count :p
  18. Be Jofus G

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    It was 3 fillet sized hatchery fish that he paid for with his license purchase. They can and probably will be replaced.
  19. I think I like this video a little too much. "When I place my legs in a carriage of spandex, I dance like hell to release the madness!" Not sure if I can relate directly, but I kind of get the same sensation when I put my waders on...
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    Evan WTF dude! That video is wrong!