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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. You sir, are a man of vision. I am glad you are shaping today's youth into tomorrow's leaders.
  2. I'm sorry, but I just can't understand the viewpoint of the majority of people here. So your telling me, despite my tradition of practicing catch-and-release, and wanting to have fish in the rivers for my son to enjoy as much as any of you, that if I were to keep a fish here and there, like this guy did, I'd be in the same pool as an uninformed, bait-chucking, casual fishermen?

    If that's not the point being made by most of your arguments, please clarify. Right now it seems like nearly 90% of the folks on this board have taken to such extremist views of catch-and-release that it is blinding them of one of the benefits to fishing when done responsibly... being able to enjoy your catch as food!

    I myself have spent a lot of money and personal time to take up a sport I wasn't taught as a youngster... because I truly loved it. I have dealt with the heckling I get from my community, which is admittedly pretty "country boy," for not just tossing a worm on a line to get as much fish as I can. I have practiced casting for hours, I have learned to tie my own flies, I read daily information on conservation and environmental concerns around our waterways in the US and the world... so for the majority of you to sit there and say despite all that, if I keep a fish here and there, that I'm not worthy of your respect, let alone possible friendship, I can't help but be offended.

    I'm not even the original poster, yet I feel incredibly frustrated by the majority of what I have read in here. I hope I never become proud enough of a catch that I ended up keeping to post it here, for I surely know what will happen if I do... and it definitely won't be congratulations.
  3. MrPunkin, I couldn't have said it any better. My thoughts exactly.
  4. Somewhere over the last 30 -40 years or so, a few men with vaginas started writing the grocery store romance novel equivalent fly fishing books. This attracted a mass of people to the sport from the baby boomer crowd that had been drinking city provided estrogen polluted water their entire lives caused by birth control piss and farm runoff. These men(sorta) took to the romanticized version of flyfishing they read about in the magazines and books. See, according to the books and stories they were reading, they could still dress like men and hunt fish like men without showing the rest of the world that they don't have the balls to kill something that they intend to eat. Also they wouldn't ever have to put an icky worm on the hook because that's just gross. Fast forward a few years, and someone put Brad Pitt in a chick flick disguised as a fishing movie. All hell broke loose and the floodgates opened, since the only people that actually watched more than 15 min of that movie(pile of shit) were the aforementioned group. Flyfishing became a fucin fashion show where the unicks could strut around in front of each other showing off how much they look like a real fisherMAN. The fly fishing magazines started to look like "Vouge". Boutiqe rod builders started poping up everywhere with designer grips and handles that look more like something Liberachi would cram up his arse than a fishing tool. GODDAMN Manequins in Fly Shops(WTF?) started popping up. And under no circumstances whatsoever is ok to harm a poor innocent little fishey. Even hatchery fish cause theyre speccciallllllll and can't help where they were born, the pooor wittle things.

    The few men left with patches top to bottom on their waders and grooves worn into their guides all looked at each other and said, hey didn't we throw those fish back last week because they weren't planning on stocking this lake for 6 more months and we need something to keep us busy until the steelhead show up this winter?
  5. Now, that is funny a$$ Chiat.
  6. By the way, the fish did taste great and to kill a fish that is on it's last leg, there is nothing wrong with it. If I were to release it, it would have died of old age. Those fish have been in there so long that they have out smarted most fisherman in the area. Like I said, I don't usually keep fish, but this occasion I did. When I posted this on here I new that all you purists would have a shit fit. This makes for good converstation. I have seen people take fish out of local trohpy lakes, and there is nothing wrong with it, especially if it is not abused. I could have taken all 7 fish I caught and kept them but I didn't. There are plenty of fish in that lake so the next person will have the chance at them too. They planted fry in there last summer so there will be fish in there for years to come. Most of you probably don't even get off the couch, just sit and put your two cents in on these threads thinking you know a little bit about fishing. Most of you are full of bullshit, you can see it in your eyes.

    I will use Mummbles for example. He posts on every thread on WFF. I mean everything. He acts likes he is Mr. Fly Guy, but reality is he knows nothing. How do you find the time to even fish when you sit behind a computer all day writing on all these posts? You probably envy most people here dreaming you could only fly fish.
  7. You know, I didn't have a problem with you keepin the the nasty fish, but when a trout guy comes in here, admits he's trolling, then bashes on Mumbles...well. Now you're just a fucking retard.

  8. Hey, it's all in the water man. I can proove it.


    Untill the early 90's everyone drank Estrogen polluted tap water.

    Exhibit A:

    In 1991 Bottled water became popular

    Exhibit B:

    Brett Michaels Before he started drinkin clean bottled water (see attachment)
    View attachment 34899

    Exhibit C:
    Brett Michaels After he started drinking clean bottled water (see Attachment)

    View attachment 34898

    I rest My Case!
  9. Now that is funny !
  10. I guess the name Caveman
    describes all you need to know.
    Why bash Ed?

    You are really coming off as
    a knuckle dragging mutant.
  11. +1

    You just crossed the line in to douchebaggery Mr. Caveman. Killing hatchery stocked non-native fish is fine, bashing on Mumbles is not. Be glad I'm not a moderator.
  12. Knuckle dragging mutant.

  13. LOL - knuckle dragging mutant. That is funny right there. I don't care who you are.

    I had your back the whole time there caveman, but now, you start insulting people. What is up with that. I don't care who the insult was given to, the fact is you have no right to throw insults at someone you do not even know. How do you know anything about someone unless you have personally meet that person?

    Not nice calling a caveman a knuckle dragging mutant. Just needs to evolve, if you believe that lie.

  14. wow!...just wow!!

    if there was ever to be a fly fishing president, you sir, would have my vote.

    well played
  15. I don't know you personally, nor do I know Mumbles personally either. So take this with "a grain of salt" if you will. We actually like Mumbles for his input, insight, humor or what have you. Either way, that's Mumbles. Don't come on here and attack someone's character or personality. It's not profitable nor wise.

    It's always better to be thought a fool than to speak and reveal it. It may be too late for you.
  16. And FYI: Mumbles fishes more than 90% of the posters on this board.
  17. Caveman,
    Unsolicited insults are not going to get your point across, nor are they going to do anything for you in finding your place in the world; which is clearly what you are desperate for... Good luck with that.
  18. You want to brag about how manly you are, and your great predator skills that skillfully allowed you to catch some HUGE fish, yet at the same time admitting that the only reason you kept one, a nice but certainly not trophy sized 18", was because there was noone around to take a picture.

    Such a need to take a picture to prove ones worth, if that isn't an estrogen filled behavior I don't know what is. I can tell you for certain that the guys I know with patched waders and grooved guides don't give 2 shits if anyone sees a picture of the fish they catch. Hell, most of em would sooner cut off an arm than show a picture of a fish for risk of giving away hard earned secret spots.

    I stand by my original issue; Keeping a fish, native or hatchery, ONLY because you have to prove that you caught it, is douchebaggery at its finest in my book.
  19. Why not go to Bradley lake behind Walmart, look it up on thats a nice place for you to fit in. That is where you can kill a useless fish, and I am not so desperate for attention that I would post of killing a worthy fish like that. Self respectless hicks have given themselves a name for fishing recklessely and destructively, you are no exception. I recommend you to golfing :thumb:
  20. What's interesting to me is that someone would actually thank that just because they happen upon a larger fish, therefore they're the better fisherman. Obviously you also caught smaller ones that you threw back and only kept the larger one because there was no one around to take a picture of it??? Really? That's what I find disturbing. Killing and eating hatchery cutts in a legal fashion, no problem, but killing it so you can have someone take a picture of it thinking it makes you the better fisherman, better than the majority of those that respond to this board. That's out there man.
    I don't know Mumbles either, but from what I've seen of his posts, I'd fish with him any day. If I saw someone needing to feed their ego with fat dead trout however, I think I'd run the other way. And I don't sit on my butt dreaming about fishing either. I'm out on average 3 days a week almost every week. You can see it in my eyes.

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