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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Thomas Williams, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Looking for Kelly Galloup type streamers, Butt-Monkey, Sex dungeon, Circus Peanut, Zoo Cougar...you get the idea. Looking for 10-15 assorted. I have a trip to Yellowstone planned so I will be throwing big uglies in an attempt for a beast. Please provide pictures. I will cover shipping and pay with paypal. Thanks.
  2. you will be going by galloups fly shop in slide, mt. it is a very nice shop. it is about 30 to 50 miles north of the park. well worth the stop and they might tell you how to fish them and maybe where. mike w
  3. Good call mike I will make it a point to hit the shop while im there. I will be staying in yellowstone for 2 weeks and fishing until my hands bleed.
  4. his time of year, that takes about 10 days, what are you going to do with the rest of the time?
    I second luv2fly2's idea. Kelly is good people. His place is on the road between Ennis and W. Yellowstone right on the Madison. In addition to the fly shop he's got a few cabins and RV camp sites. You definitely should stop by.
  5. Wow....I am envious. What a beautiful time of year to be there. Can't wait to hear a report.
    Have a blast and take some band-aids.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good book on Fly Fishing Yellowstone? Some good informational maps? I havent decided whether or not I will be camping. I may just rent an SUV and sleep inside of it. I am having a lot of fun planning this trip and I really want to do it right. Ive never been there but Ive been told the fishing is amazing!

  7. Check out Mike Schmidt at Anglers Choice Flies ( not sure if i can link to it directly, so just google it) you'll not be disappointed.
    Great guy, great flies. Tell him i sent ya

    Eunan Hendron
  8. Fly Fishers Guide to Wyoming by Ken Retallic is a good one to start with. Maps, camping, access, timing, etc. are covered. If you'll be in the area for two weeks you may as well get the books from the same series for ID and MT. I'm quite jealous of your trip!!
  9. Thanks Eunan he does have some sweet flies. Prices are a bit high but it is a lot of materials.
  10. Having tied some of those flies myself, i can tell you there's a fair amount of time goes into them, not to mention the materials. Based on that, the prices are reasonable in my opinion. Having said that, i tied my own because i didnt want to shell out $5 for a fly i might lose first cast, so i completely understand what you're saying.
    Here's the red rockets that i tied! I used to sell them, but didnt really have the time to tie large quantities, so stopped offering them.
  11. Those look pretty scrumptious! The red rocket was one of the nicest patterns I looked at.
  12. Thank you everyone who took the time to comment. I got what I was looking for. I picked up 18 big uglies. I will surely make a report with lots of pictures. Im hoping to catch the Brown of a lifetime. With big hooked jaw and all :D
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