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  1. What are some staple fly patterns in your fly box for trout? Patterns that no matter what lake you go to, no matter what time of year it is,are always there in your box. Lets see em'.
  2. Besides 1,000 chirnos, a brown Arizona Leach.
  3. Olive Willy
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  4. Speckled bugger in olive and brown.
  5. For me, I have to have my size 12 chironomid tied on a scud hook with a black tungsten bead, black body, antron gills and red ribbing covered with scud backing. After that, the same pattern only with gun metal gray body. I also must have my micro leeches tied on the same scud hook with the same black bead, with a red squirrel strip tail and a red body. After that more of the same micro leeches in other colors like white, red/black, maroon... then the same patterns tied on size 12 60 degree jig hooks. Next come the balance leeches tied in the same colors as above. I will also need some size 8 60 degree jig hook leeches tied in various colors as my go to cast and strip patterns.
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  6. Now that a few of us have answered your question and before people start chiming in here about how pattern doesn't matter, that instead it is all about presentation, why don't you tell us a little about yourself BootFish?
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  7. +100 on the leeches and mids. funny i always seem to tie up a new color mid in spring, catch a few and then think its the best pattern ever only to find it tucked back in the corner of my box a year later .
    oh well something to keep my interest up.
  8. 'Mids in red and olive, Buggers in Olive and Black.
  9. Always a Sheep's Creek Special:


    My go to lake fly when I'm trolling about looking for fish.

  10. Yes! Thanks for the reminder . . .I need to tie a few up. This is a "when all else fails" pattern for me. Under an indicator, usually.
  11. Mike Mercer Flies. Anato-May, Mercer's Poxyback Golden Stone, Mercer's Missing Link. And a fly by Tim Fox, the Fox Poopah. And my 2 faves for a lake: nymph=Copper John, streamer=Zack's Swimming Leech.
  12. glo-bugs :oops:
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  13. My staple fly pattern selections change quite a bit by lake and season. But the one pattern always in the fly box is the white bugger/leech for the "alternative" look.
  14. Six Pack in both the fly box and the cooler.
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  15. don't forget gold ribbed hares ear
  16. Leech, dragon fly nymph, speckle bugger, damsel
  17. Careys! some sort of Calibatis nymph, bloody marys, floating dragons, mids, biggs specials.
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  18. You damn right !!!!
  19. Woolly Buggers in all colors.
  20. lake fishing... careys, wet soft hackles, wooley buggers, all sizes and colors (minimum olive and black)

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