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  1. To change this up a little bit - a black sharpie pen. These have saved me, I don't know how many times. I have a fly that is close but not right. Darker is almost always better and with the pen I can touch up my inventory to match. It has proved to be a valuable use of a small space over a lot of years.
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  2. Anyone who knows me knows that I never hit stillwater without my self-tied, design-tweaked, Carey Special. That fly has been my most productive. Then again, any fly you know how to fish is going to be successful for you.
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  3. Olive Bugger or a Black Leech
  4. Great responses!
    For me, the Half Back...
  5. No love for the Doc Spratley ?
    I tie them , but rarely ever use them , as I have other patterns I have more confidence in .
    You will always find some pheasant tail nymphs in my boxes for the mayfly hatches . Ditto for an ostrich herl mayfly nymph I tie .
    I also fish bloodworms quite a bit .
    But my most productive pattern , by far , is a small , red , angora goat leech .
    And I`d never want to be without a few of Brian Chans Stillwater Caddis Pupa , lots of different colored chironomids , some Careys , a few Knouff Lake Specials , some damsel and dragon nymphs , and the good old Tom Thumb for fishing on top .
    Of course .
  6. I've had a lot of good luck with doc spratley. I usually try to carry those as well as a few Carey specials. Been trying to build up on chironomids and leeches too.

    My favorite dry has been turck's tarantula, with a GRHE hanging off.
  7. Orange and Partridge, Olive buggers, also brown and black. This year I am trying some dark red/black buggers.

    Green and Partridge seems to work too.
    Along with Gil's Monster.
  8. simi seal leeches, mids, and some select dry flies to imitate midges
  9. Stone fly nymph and a PT.
  10. Purple buggers, Puget bugs, parachute Adams.
  11. Over 40 years ago when I first started fly fishing and tying flies I tied a fly that resembles the Nyerges Nymph. I didn't name the fly. Its an Olive Colored Fly with with palmered brown hackle and I usually put in a short tail of brown hackle. I trim down the saddle hackle a bit. I've caught fish in lakes and streams with it in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. It works so I use it. Other flies, would be an assortment of wooley buggers, damsel fly nymphs, scuds, a few soft hackles (red ass) and an assortment of dry flies.

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