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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Scott Behn, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. As I'm sitting here tying up some dries for the wife's boss I was wondering if anyone has hosted a dry fly swap for trout. I figure the June 1st opener isn't really all that far off. So who's up for one?

    If we can get one going I'm in for an Improved Sofa Pilla. So how 'bout it folks who's in?

    I'm thinking of a closing date of May 15th so that gives everyone time to copy flies for June opener. I'll leave this invite open till the 22nd 7:00 PM.

    Oops forgot...12 tyers is the limit!!!!

    This is the official list:

    Myself : Improved Sofa Pilla
    Mike D : Rubber legged Stimulator
    Flyn'dutchman : Parachute Mayfly
    Ron : BWO
    Willie : Madam X
    Icanfly : Sparkle Caddis
    D3Smartie : Royal Coachman
    Cmtundra : Blonde Wulff

    That makes 8 tyers so 8 flies each. I think I'm going to throw some extra in there for y'all. I want everybodies flies in my hand by 15 May 05 and I'll send them out 16 May. If I get them all earlier then we'll have a presents in the mail sooner...hint, hint...LOL
    You can mail your contributions to:

    Scott Behn
    12506 16th St. NE #A-5
    Lake Stevens, Wa. 98258

    Have fun,
  2. Right on!!!!
  3. I'm in. Parachute mayfly with snowshoe rabbit foot hair post. These guys take a lickin' and keep on catchn'. Lets limit it to 12 though. Takes too long to tie more and fishn' is under way for me. :thumb: :thumb:
  4. Scott,

    I'm in. Not sure what I'll tie yet, but I need to have them mailed by the end of the month so I can meet other commitments. Is that okay with you Scott?

  5. That's fine with me Ron...

  6. Ooh, dries... Yeah, I'm in. I like the Madame X, I'll tie up some of those! Guess I really need to finish those rods now...

  7. get'er dun willie...

  8. I'd also like to participate if ya'll don't mind. I'll pick something to tie by the end of the day :thumb:
  9. your in... :thumb:
  10. hey scott, i'll do a rubber legged stimulator
  11. I'm having trouble deciding between maybe a royal wulff, a caddis emerger type (x-caddis or sparkle caddis), or a calibeatis emerger. Think you guys can help me decide? :confused: I'd have done a stonefly of somekind but it seems like there are a few of those already.
  12. My vote is for the Sparkle Caddis...
  13. do a big salmon fly...

    Count me in but i am not sure what i will tie yet...
  14. i am thinking i will tie up a few little royal coachmans that i have been tying for brook trout in New Brunswick. Thay are like size 16s though.
    let me know if that is too small. I might have to go buy some new hooks
  15. I almost chose the x-caddis as well.
  16. Scott, Just checked my dry fly box and I'm short BWO's. Put me down for those.

  17. Icanfly, I agree, sparkle caddis...I've never seen one in person. But you choose.

    D3 you can tye whatever size you like...I don't see anything wrong with a #16. I try to match the hatch as close as I can with size more so then exact color. Coachman's have all the right color combos in my eyes.

    Heh Ron is that split & divided or parachute style?

    I'm already getting excited...

  18. I think the sparkle caddis wins. That'll be my poison. :p
  19. If you've got room, I'm game. I'll have to get back with you tomorrow on what to tie. :beer2:

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