Article Trout feel no pain.

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  1. Dang! I thought I was "sore-mouthing" 'em. Now I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with having only terrorized 'em. ;)
  2. Not this again....
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  3. Its only a matter of time before someone will probably come along with proof that they can't be terrorized. Then I'll have to be happy about merely "participating in their education."
    After that, someone will say that because of their pea-sized brain, they can't be educated, but only "conditioned."
    Apparently some trout get so lazy that some folks feel the need to "exercise" 'em. Well, if they feel no pain, then how can they possibly gain from that?

    All this BS is really confusing. I think I'll just go fishing and forget about it!:confused:
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  4. Well, we have not had the trouts opinion on all of this, as of yet.
  5. It gives me a compelling argument with my girlfriend. And I can use cool words like nociceptor and neocortex. :D
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  6. You might rethunk you plan, young man.
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  7. Now we know the 1 person who read the article.
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  8. It wasn't stopping any of us from fishing before.
  9. This is kind'a old news. An article appeared in Field & Stream, at least 10 years ago, that indicated the same results from a scientific study.

    The fish do not feel pain as much as the need to escape. Their brains have a large fear area and a pretty danged small pain area.

    There's always those who believe that a fish must feel pain the same as humans so someone comes up with something like "you see how it feels to have a hook in YOUR mouth"... which is idiotic because a fish does not have a human brain nor the same senses. Of course it could be those who believe that fish feel pain the same as humans may have the same mental capacity of a gold fish.
  10. Probably written by somebody from PITA.
  11. Jim, you have it back-asswards.... PETA believes fish DO feel pain so they claim we are torturing the fish just to let them go so the fish can be caught and tortured again. PETA is against catch and release because, based on their assumption, that fish feel pain the same as humans... and that is absolutely incorrect.
  12. And probably as much metal stuck in their lips, tongue, face and ears as you'd find in one of my saltwater fly boxes.

    Proper response would be, "Why stick a hook in my lip? You've already got half a dozen in your face."
  13. Um....who really cares?
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  14. That reminds me of a time when a bunch of us were returning from a climbing trip.

    We were going to drop off one of our group at his Seattle home when we were stopped at a downtown intersection. A young guy with lip rings, nose rings, ear rings and who knows what else piercing other parts of his anatomy walked through the crosswalk in front of us. One of my buddies said "Oh shit, look at that poor sucker! Looks like he fell face-first into his tackle box!!!" ;)
  15. Oh man... LMAO!!!
  16. Truth is I've hooked myself all over my face though not directly in my lip and it never hurt very much, felt a blow the fish doesn't feel but the hook goes in pretty easy, especially if you don't know it's coming. Pain has nothing to do with how fish fight, terror might though?
  17. While this debate rages on for the next decade, I'm still curious why almost every photo you see of a caught fish appears to be looking downward as if trying to see what the hell that thing stuck in it's jaw looks like...which makes little sense since they already got a great look at it when they chomped it.
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  18. Good point about fish looking down in photos. I was told a long time ago that a fish looking down is still "conscious". Fish in photos- or in your hands- that are looking straight out are either unconscious or dead. Looking down could be the equivalent to your eyes rolling back in your head from oxygen deprivation? Surely it's a purely neurological response to being taken out of the water.

    For myself, I'm convinced that fish do not experience pain in any way that we'd recognize. And I'm convinced they don't experience anything like emotions at all. Pure instinct driven animals that have a small capacity to learn from experience and adapt to their environment. If I thought fish felt pain like us or could have an actual emotion my fishing days would be over. Folks are certainly entitled to their opinion of things though. Jacque Cousteau once called sport fishing an abomination....

    And yes, I probably took this post way too seriously.
  19. Someone named Chuck Norris is asking a simple question......What is pain?
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